Compare/Contrast Video Games vs. The Real Thing: College Football/Basketball

David RichardsonSenior Analyst IMay 1, 2008

College football/basketball video games VS. real college basketball/football starts now. The real thing will go first.
        College basketball/football

       1. The lameness– A video game of college sports. Does that sound a puny bit weird to you? Sad how they make video games of college students.

       2. The Anger- Someone probably thinks I’m wrong about this, but here I go! This mainly applies to college b-ball, but I like it when there’s a questionable call, and the coach/players get very mad. That’s entertainment.

       3. The style- Some college teams have a style that they like to play. Do I have to give examples for this? Anyway, in video games, the only style is in the players, not the team.
        4. The reason- In college, players don’t do it for the money, in fact there’s barely any money involved. No one needs to make a video game out of that.
        5. The excitement- I used this in my NBA one, but it works for every sport. It takes way longer for a real sport to get boring than a video game.   


        Video Games


        1. The playing- One argument for video games. Well, that could be hard for college, but here I go! In a video game you're actually playing. In real sports you're watching.

        2. The choice- This is kind of similar to the first, but I'm already running out of idea's. In a video game you get to chose who to pass to, what hole the RB goes through, who shoots the 3, so on, so forth.

        3. The view- Unless your someone who gets #1 tickets almost every game, the view is better in a video game. Even though it's animation, you still get a close up view for both sides of the field.

        4. The running game- This only applies to football. In a video game, all the spin/juke/stiff arm/right and left cut stuff can be fun. I know in real football they can do it to. But, it's fun to press it and someone on a screen does it for you.

        5. The bloopers- Have you ever messed-up in a video game on purpose? Sure you have. I mean shooting a half court shot over and over again till you make it. Running backwards 20-30 yards and then throw a bomb on the other side of the field. That's the real fun!

Thanks for reading!