Is a Pro Wrestling Championship an Honor or a Prop?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJune 29, 2009

As a young pro wrestling fan, I dreamed of one day holding a prestigious WWE(F) or WCW title.


That's why I find it truly funny that years later, I almost picked a toy championship belt over a bike.


I remember this day like it just happened we were at Wal-Mart were my Mom was going to grant me a bike for my birthday.


As I already picked out my beloved mountain bike, I decided to stroll along and explore the rest of the toys, where  I would stumble upon something that caught my eye from first glance.


The old fashioned oval/circle WWE(F) World Title. I wanted to feel like Stone Cold, HBK, Brett Hart, and The Rock, so I pleaded and begged to receive the belt as well.


My Mom didn't see why I was so interested in wrestling so she tested me. My Mom made an offer. "Okay you can get it (belt), but that means no bike!"




Was the thought that was running through my head: I can't believe she would test my new love for wrestling!


But I wanted the bike even more so I said never mind. But since it is my Mom she got me the belt anyway and I was even more shocked that I received more wrestling presents the next day on my actual birthday.


With that belt I had wars (imaginary). I was undefeated and I would be damned if I gave it up.


As a matter of fact, I took it one step further and made my own organization with fellow friends of mine also wrestling fans with belts. We would have wrestling matches and defend our belts.


Although they were just toys, we treated these belts as if they were the world.


In our minds, these toys were far from props.


But as that fad faded out and I grew older and rid myself from the entire wrestling scene but still stayed up to date with WWE programming, I started to notice something.


It seems that in the big times those belts that I use to give my all for, well, the toy ones don't seem that well respected any more.


What they seem like are just props.


Besides, Edge and a few others, but Edge being the most notable, no other pro wrestler seems to have that passion or strive for their respectable belt.


Or wait, maybe it's not the wrestler, maybe it's just the company!


Why You Ask?


WWE/TNA have the right who receives the belt, they as the company have the right how long or how important the title may appear.


In my own opinion, I don't have that feeling any more of importance for those championships.


What I have felt is that the titles have either been treated like the ugly red headed sister or the town hooker who just gets passed along.


My Reasons for Stating Such


I, myself don't like to see a belt being held too long as long as the wrestler respectively holding the belt has great programs with it.


But when the belts keep being passed back and forth, doesn’t this hurt its prestige?


I'm not too sure of that question myself but it just makes them seem less important.


For example, if you borrowed a shirt to a friend and he borrows it to someone else and then gives it back again. Wouldn't the value of the shirt decrease significantly?


To be honest, I would just tell him to keep the shirt and refund me back the money.


When I first started watching TNA Wrestling, it seemed that the X-Division title was respected as much the World Title.


Fast forward to the present and it doesn't have that feel to it any more; it's being mistreated like the ugly red headed sister.


How the hell do you go from stealing the show at a PPV to being lowered in value by non-spectacular matches?


I wonder if TNA thinks, “Well, with Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, there really is nothing else for us to do.”


Because that's how it seems but come on, were talking about TNA, they never know what to do.


But don't feel too bad TNA, you’re not alone; WWE has jumped along the trend train as well.


The WWE Tag Division use to have some of the greatest matches. (Have you seen any of the TLC matches?)


Not only are those matches great but there a list of them that amazed fans around the world.


So why has WWE turned their Tag Team Division from a PPV status division, to sometimes not even being featured on Raw, ECW, or Smackdown?


I have no idea.


You would think that WWE or TNA would treat their titles better but they don't; they treat them like props.


Every sport has a championship to show who or what team is the big dog in their respective sport.


Not only is a championship to show who the top dog is but it also shows that hard work pays off.


So why don't WWE nor TNA or any other wrestling organization that treat their belts like this show more effort or respect to their respective championships?


You would think that the wrestlers who are wearing the belts representing the company, showing the world that they are the best in the division would receive more respect for their hard work to claim that belt.


It should be an honor to receive a belt.


But I wonder if they feel this way knowing they (wrestlers)  will not be able to highlight their skills with the belts due to the company not wanting to showcase them on their program.


Like JR said in a latest blog, he thinks the Tag Team Division will not be able to return to its great days form.


I have to agree with you JR but it's kind of dumb because you guys have the power to highlight the division.


I remember reading or hearing about guys like Flair, Sting, Rhodes, Bruno going out there and amazing the crowd and putting on a great show showcasing that they were the best.


As I watch today's programming, I don't see that one bit.


So I came up with the awesome idea, this idea is BUILDING A DYNASTY.


With guys or teams like Flair, Bruno, Hogan, LOD going out there giving their all and showing why they were the best you would think today's organizations would give the current wrestlers that same respect.


I will try to get that respect back.


In Building a Dynasty, this will be continued.


So stay posted.


Please comment and express your opinions and thoughts.


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