Is The NCAA a Biased Big Brother?

Ren C.Correspondent IJune 28, 2009

In this new Century,has the NCAA as a whole become obsolete?  Has the very meaning for it's inception been long lost down the drain of biased officials for their own University?  That all to human emotional barrier that makes a homo sapen gather and rally towards it's favorite rather than be subjective and completely UNbiased?

In a time of around the world in a key stroke;the Internet,the television cable sports news programming.  With many recent and some older;the information gleaned seems to give way to the questions of.  Are they really and truly being an unbiased officer of NCAA?  Do some hold the office in a manner that allows some to get off lightly,while other's they slap down harsh penalties with what seems to be extremely harsh and unusual methods.

Watching all sports down through the years and with the information at the ready on the Internet and other media sources,libraries.  Some might get the distinct impression,that some programs get off very much lighter than other programs,and the programs who get the tougher sentence seem at times to be the ones with the least infractions.

There are no perfect institutions,and that also includes the NCAA as a whole.  Questions flying around are...  Does the NCAA really and truly understand this new Century?  Does the NCAA address all of it's seemingly endless rules and regulations to Student Athletes?  Does the Student Athlete get a rule book?  Do the Student Athletes get a orientation where the NCAA heads go over these seemingly endless barrage of you can't do this,and you can't do that?

We are all human,we all have flaws.  Yet,the NCAA board to whom do they report?  To whom do they bare their flaws?


Should they not be as accountable as the rest of humanity?  Should they not also by the same standard make certain that all Student Athletes know the rules?  Know what they most especially cannot do?

It seems that in these days,Student Athletes have a most daunting challenge laid out before them,a challenge that is almost as strict as becoming a Priest or a Nun,yet the Student Athletes seem to have no good and clear method of knowing the journey,the path of can and cant's.

Maybe if the NCAA put out information and held orientations for Student Athletes while they are still Seniors in High School,perhaps these athletes would be better prepared to travel the journey of Scholarship Student Athlete upon arrival to University.

Just think of it, a well informed Student Athlete who knows the ins and the outs of NCAA rules,one who can navigate the storms and the trials of being a student athlete.  Not just guessing about what is right and what is wrong in NCAA land.

The system is broken NCAA.  It is time to fix it.