Vitor Belfort's Drug Test Results Will Be Made Public at June 17 NSAC Meeting

John HeinisSenior Analyst IJune 4, 2014

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Fight fans have been forced to live with the fact that Vitor Belfort's random drug test administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission earlier this year has remained a mystery up to this point. 

However, that will change in two weeks, according to a report by Yahoo Sports

"The test results will be made public, yes,” NSAC executive director Bob Bennett said regarding a June 17 commission hearing. “If Mr. Belfort appears at his hearing, which I’m sure he will, the commissioners will get to question him about any topics they want and I’m sure that will come up.”

Belfort submitted to a random drug test back on February 7, but the results have not been released by the commission because "The Phenom" had yet to apply for his fighter's license at that time, per MMA Fighting.

While that rationale didn't sit well with most members of the media, Belfort's camp said they would not be releasing the drug test results because they were "not relevant," per MMA Weekly

The Brazilian slugger has faced a ton of public scrutiny in recent years because he was a user of testosterone-replacement therapy, despite failing a drug test for anabolic steroids back in October 2006. 

Specifically, the 37-year-old hasn't fought on American soil since August 2011, where he quickly knocked out Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 133. 

Since then, Belfort has compiled a 4-1 record—most recently including three consecutive head-kick knockouts—with the only setback being a short-notice light heavyweight title fight against Jon Jones at UFC 152 in September 2012. 

The NSAC banned TRT in February, and according to UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, the ban came as a result of Belfort failing the February 7 random test, per MMA Weekly

UFC president Dana White has offered few details on the situation up to this point, revealing little more than, "doctors that matter disagree with the results of the test," also noting that there is no plan B at UFC 175 if Belfort does not get licensed, per Bloody Elbow

In that scenario, three-time UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen would be left waiting on the sidelines.

Belfort is potentially replacing Wanderlei Silva after he did not obtain a fighter's license or submit to a random drug test with the NSAC, per MMA Fighting

Will it turn out that Belfort again failed a drug test for performance-enhancing drugs and was too embarrassed to release the results, or was he actually playing by the rules all along?


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