Expectations For The 49ers Coming Season

sf 49Contributor IJune 28, 2009

ST. LOUIS, MO - DECEMBER 21:  Nate Clements #22 of the San Francisco 49ers reacts during the game against the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome on December 21, 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri. The 49ers won 17-16. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Ok, u ppl made me write an article, about my team, that i follow. Sorry for the bad grammar or, stupid why of writing, i don't wanna win a reward here. Just wanted to say things i believe and expect, you're free to comment on them.

I expect S Hill to have a better season. Because last year he didn't practice with the 1st team. This year he'll have a chance. And playing good and leading the revolutionized niners because of him mostly and coach Sing last year, the winds are pointing towards that direction. I think hes capable of guiding this team to a 9-7 record and going to the PO's and 1 and out. I don't think hes capable of going deep into the PO's or winning a SB. The worst thing to happen is for him to fade away towards the end of the season, and Alex Smith to replace him. Anyway it will be interesting. Also we drafted Crabtree, who should help. Morgan is year older, he should help. Brandon Jones is a good addition with speed and good hands. Bruce is there, he can find the soft spots in the D, very good route running, great hands. What more do u want? Jason Hill is 1 year older. VD will be used better then the new OC. Actually i think we have one of the most deep and good crews of receivers. Certainly for me in the top 5, if not the top 3.

Gore will be alright, used more. We drafted a backup to him in Glen Coffee, who i think looks a lot like him. Which is not bad. We have 2 kinda Gore's on the team, they can split carries. the FA, Rb Sheets is again like them haha, whats going on here? but with speed. Hope he doesn't easily goes down, that what they say for him, we'll see in TC.

The receivers as i mentioned will be a lot better, thinking Morgan and Hill, and we have crabtree. We're set there.

Vernon Davis - the enigma for me. He is still the headless chicken for me. The way he runs after the catch. Bad thing for him is he can't find the soft spots in the D. The hot reads. Hopefully he can upgrade on that. And with Raye's track record on TE's. he might help. Vernon will be used more, and which is best for him, short routes and stuff like that. Not deep that he was used in Martz's system. Give him more touches in the game, reverses, short passes, whatever, he can kill a game. I think he'll be better. Also his blocking is great. And we drafted Bear Pascoe, who so far looks good, and they say hes a good blocker again and a receiver. I believe he is, and VD is on the hot spot. He has to prove or otherwise Bye Bye.

OL- has to be better. And from experience stand point has to be. Joe Staley is a year older in that. Baas is in front of a contract year, will probably push himself. Heitmann is a factor simple as that. Chilo has to be better, 1 year more, and i think he will be. And Marvel Smith is a newcomer, has to stay healthy, if he can, he can be a difference maker, strong dude. If he can't i think  Snyder can do a adequate job of replacing him. Also we got a good prospect for the RT spot in Alex Boone, who has to stay away from the liquid store, and show his potential as he showed in college. He has a look of an OL.

The DL i think by default again has to be better. Franklin year older in the system. Sopoaga too, Justin Smith too, and more for Kentwan Balmer. Ricky jean Francois is a rookie but he might fit in there. I think our line will be alright in the 3-4. They can hold their own. Same DC, players know the system. Lets say they're constant.

LB - A little mystery by Manny Lawson, but hopefully he can stay healthy and show some pass rush, thats why we drafted him in the first place. Willis is an animal, i'm not gonna talk about him, you all know about him. Than we have Haralson, who showed promise last year that he can kinda explode this year, so hopefully will be better. I think this is the unit, that is more scrutinized by us, and will be. Because they have to show more pass rush and sacks. Takeo is a constant too. If Haralson can go ine the double digit sacks. And lawson can add like 7,8 that will be greatly improved, and will improve the team a lot as a whole. Scott Mc Killop is a kid coming on his own. They say hes a tackling machine and i believe he is. Also his character is good. We got Marques Harris there, too. He made some sacks for the Chargers, maybe he 'll be better with us, there's promise. And a project like Brooks there. Also Jay Moore, we have some depth, don't be worried.

CB - Nate Clements a constant. I think there is not gonna be too much drop off from Walt Harris to Dre Bly. The more important thing is T Brown, if he can win that spot and show more promise, then we'll be good. And the same thing is of Walt Harris played. Dre Bly might make some interceptions. He is known for that. S Spencer is a good depth, if he can stay healthy.

S - M Lewis is alright. Mark Roman is not. We definetly has to replace this guy. Hopefully  Reggies Smith can do that, or the rookie Curtis Taylor. But this definitely is a weak spot for the niners. Anyway it's not a disaster.

So from all this, I say the niners can have a winning record, let's say 9-7, and looking at their schedule. And make the PO's but as i said, if we do that, we'll be one and out in my mind because of Shaun Hill, he has a weak arm. I just don't see this guy winning a SB for us.

Anyway i think the niners should address the QBOTF in next years draft, along with CB and S, hopefully Eric Berry, don't believe the hype too much about Mays, Berry is a better S. And go from there. It will be an interesting year. Sing will lead the way.