Interview with Orlando Savage, Wrestler Who Deserves to be Recognized (Part 2)

chipper smithCorrespondent IJune 28, 2009

Hello to all you wrestling fans, sportswriters, commenators, anyone who reads this. I am here to post my second part of my interview with wrestler Orlando Savage.

Q-Are any of the moves, such as body slams. neckbreakers, punches, kicks, submission moves, real or are they just stunts or are you just pretending for the benefit of the fans? You could plead the fifth on this one if you want to.

A-I'll tell you this and this only, reguardless what you may think, "it doesn't tickle one bit."

Q-Besides wrestling, what else do you like to do?

A-Well I enjoy lifting weights, hanging out, meeting new people and playing my guitar whenever possible.

Q-Do you have any regrets?

A-I normally would say no but, I would regret certain things that take me away from the business I love the most, wrestling.

Q-Where do you think you may be in five or ten years?

A-In ten years, its hard to say for sure but, I'll tell where I would like to be. I'd like to be working for the WWE and building my career in the best business ever made. Also, I would love to have a nice place to start a family.

Q-If you couldn't wrestle, what would you think you would be doing?

A-Well to be honest, I would like to be a traveling musician on tour with a band, haha.

Q-Who was the biggest influence when you were growing up and still is today?

A-My biggest influence is my father, most definitely. I always looked up to him. And I am still amazed at the things he does. He was and always will be a huge inspiration for me to become all I can be whether its wrestling or anything else for that matter.

Thats the end of the interview. Hope you all enjoy reading it. Thank you.