20 Reasons You Shouldn't Streak in Sports

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20 Reasons You Shouldn't Streak in Sports
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Getting naked in public is not something people usually put on the calendar and circle a few times with a red marker. In fact, most of us go to extraordinary lengths to avoid such a spectacle.

Putting your junk on display is a situation reserved for nightmares and—supposedly—something you should imagine other people are doing if you're terrified of public speaking. But even though we try to avoid the act of indecent exposure even under imaginary circumstances, streaking has remained a surprisingly regular part of major public events—and especially sporting events.

The nude—or semi-nude—sprint across a field, court or even rink, used to be something broadcasters could cut away from, which meant that only the occasional rogue jaunt was witnessed by a mass audience. That made the decision one with diminishing returns for the nude attention-seeker.

However, today stadiums and arenas are filled with thousands of de facto cameramen. So even venues far from the spotlight can turn a streaker into a skeevy curiosity, courtesy of Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The possibility of becoming masochistic fodder for blogs and inboxes hasn't done much to cut down on the activity—quite the opposite, really. Which is pretty crazy considering the wide array of unsavory outcomes that are almost guaranteed. 

With that sage of terrible wisdom, booze, remaining the No. 1 cheerleader for the wannabe streaker—and the possibility of having the moment captured (and viewable) forever—not even a date with a Taser is likely to stop the determined. 

Nonetheless, here are 20 reasons why you probably shouldn't streak. 

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