Memo to UFC's Anderson Silva: Give It Up Already

Derek BolenderSenior Analyst IMay 1, 2008

Anderson Silva, the UFC Middleweight Champion, cannot seem to let the idea of fighting Roy Jones Jr. slip his mind.

The idea was cultivated by Silva and his manager Ed Soares after his submission victory over Dan Henderson at UFC 82.

Preliminary talks ensued between Silva’s camp and Don King Productions, who represents Roy Jones Jr. 

The proposal was to challenge Jones Jr. to a boxing match, under boxing rules, somewhere between 180 and 188 pounds.  The motivation for Silva was simple and included fighting one of his heroes, proving MMA fighters are technical, and for a large pay day. 

Jones Jr. was open to fighting Silva, however, Dana White and company held the trump card in the form of Silva’s exclusive contract with the UFC. 

The trump card was recently played by UFC management and they dismissed the idea of this boxing match ever taking form.

Regardless, Silva remains steadfast in his attempt to turn this fight into a reality.  This was evident during an interview he did as soon as last week with Eduardo Ferreira of

When Silva was asked about his immediate future he stated, “I don’t have a bout scheduled and we are trying to make this fight against Roy Jones Jr.  This is a personal wish.” 

Silva’s comments come on the heels of the UFC management’s decision to not pursue the fight, but he seems to not be willing to let it go.

Who can blame Dana White and company for squashing this spectacle?  The UFC management would be foolish to get behind this. 

The fight could prove more harm than good for the UFC.  Silva, arguably their best fighter, could be beaten to a pulp by Jones Jr. for millions of fight fans to see. 


He could also be permanently injured and not able to fulfill his obligations with the UFC.  There is essentially no benefit for the UFC.



Personally, I think everyone needs to take a step back and realize this is a bad idea.  Ever since the UFC’s popularity has grown over the past few years there has been a boxing vs. MMA undertone fabricated by fans and media. 


We don’t need to actually see this battle come to life.  The truth of the matter is that both sports can co-exist. 

I think we should be honest about this as well.  Jones Jr. would beat up Silva in a boxing ring and Silva would beat up Jones Jr. in the octagon.  It’s as simple as that.  There is no need to go any further.