It's Deja Vu: Ron Hornaday Dominates At Memphis, Wins the Elvis Trophy

Horn FanSenior Writer IJanuary 15, 2017

On a hot day in Memphis, at race time it was 98 degrees, with the racing surface at a 109 degrees, but it didn't stop Ron Hornaday from scorching the field at Memphis Motorsports Park.

Hornaday won for the second consecutive race, where he just dominated the field en-route to his third win at Memphis, second in a row winning the Elvis Trophy.

Before we get to the racing, the rumor about the Camping World Truck Series being in it's last year or that races will be dropped are untrue and many long-term contracts will keep the Trucks race for a long time.

Second, NASCAR has added a new rule to the trucks, one that will save the owner some money.

The new rule is a tire transfer rule, allowing owners to transfer tires to another race, when the tires match like this week at Memphis. Were the set-ups are the same as are the tires and teams could transfer a set left over from Milwaukee to Memphis.

Kevin Harvick Inc.'s Ron Hornaday Jr. in the No. 33 Longhorn Chevrolet, won the pole, his third of the year and claimed the special Sun Studio Acoustic Guitar.

Terry Cook in the No. 25 Cajun Industries/Harris Trucking Toyota will start from the outside pole position.

Mike Skinner in the No. 5 Exide Batteries will start third, Aric Almirola in the No. 15 Phoenix Construction Toyota will start fourth and Colin Braun in the No. 6 Con-Way Freight Ford will start fifth.

The field was full with 36 trucks racing, for the second race in a row Gabi DiCarlo was replaced and this week Brent Sherman will make his debut in the No. 90 Great Clips Toyota.

The pit window at Memphis is 110 to 120 Laps, sure we see a few teams gamble with pit stratgey today.

On the Lap 1 green flag start, Hornaday would take the green pull away from Cook going into turn one and get a couple truck length lead coming back to the stripe.

By Lap 5, Hornaday would be leading by 1.104 seconds on Cook, while Almirola in third has put some distance between himself and Skinner in fourth.

Hornaday would be leading by 1.543 seconds by Lap Seven, over Cook in second. Brian Scott in the No. 16 Albertson's Toyota would start eighth, has picked up two positions and running in sixth.

You had some amazing three wide passes so far, Tayler Malsam who made changes with his master cylinder started shotgun to the field and is just picking them off running in 23rd.

On Lap 11, Matt Crafton in the No. 88 Ideal Door/Menard's Chevrolet would pass Dennis Setzer in the No. 8 Malcolmson Construction Chevrolet for 10th.

Then his teammate, Johnny Sauter in the No. 13 Funsand/Rodney Atkins/Curb records Chevrolet would pass Todd Bodine in the No. 30 Chevrolet for 14th place.

The first caution flag came out on Lap 14, for debris a bumper cover that came off of David Starr's No. 24 Zachry/Harris Trucking Toyota.

Michelle Theriault in the No. 72 Chevrolet was the Aarons Lucky Dog winner under the first caution.

The top five under caution was; Hornaday leading, Cook in second, Aric Almirola in third, Skinner in fourth and Stacy Compton in the No. 60 SafeAuto Insurance Toyota was fifth.

On the Lap 18 restart, Hornaday would take the green, he'd pull away Cook. Almirola holds off Skinner to hang onto third.

Timothy Peters in the No. 17 Toyota running in 11th, passes Setzer for 10th and pulls away.

The best racing on the track on Lap 22 was Sauter and Setzer battling it out for 13th place.

By Lap 24, Hornaday would lead Cook by 1.483 seconds and the rest of the field is 2.5 seconds back or worse. Malsam has made it up to 19th and continues picking off positions.

By Lap 31, Hornaday now leads by 2.138 seconds, over Cook and Scott's still running in sixth.

Jason White in the No. 23 Dodge would lose a right front tire and makes it to pit road okay no caution.

After 33 Laps, the top five was; Hornaday leading, Cook second, Almirola third, Skinner fourth and Compton fifth.

By Lap 42, Hornaday would lead Cook by 4.3 seconds, who starts to feel pressure from Almirola in third.

On Lap 47, the best racing on the track is Compton fifth, Scott sixth and Crafton seventh as they start battling for these positions.

Two laps later Crafton would pass Scott for sixth. Scott this week is racing with a thinner cast, x-rays taken this week while changing casts showed that the wrist is healing well.

Like last week, Ted Musgrave is standing by in-case Scott needs to make a driver change do to the wrist.

The second caution comes out on Lap 52, for Chris Jones in the No. 87 Copy Wizard/Safe Surfin Foundation Chevrolet which lost a tire got against the wall.

Mario Gosselin in the No. 12 James Carter Attorney at Law Chevrolet would be the Aaron's Lucky Dog Award winner under this caution.

It would erase the huge lead Hornaday had on the rest of the field and he has hit the lap traffic just right so far.

On Lap 53, the leaders all pit making the first of two stops, just about everyone took tires and Hornaday was the first off of pit road after the first stop.

On Lap 54, everyone but T.J. Bell comes to pit road for their second stop and Hornaday would be the first off of pit road on this stop.

Under caution, the top five was; T.J. Bell in the No. 11 Red Horse Racing Toyota was leading, Hornaday was second, Skinner was third, Almirola was fourth and Cook was fifth.

On the Lap 58 restart, Bell would take the green, but would get passed by Hornaday going into turn three for the lead.

By Lap 60, Hornaday leads, but both Skinner and Almirola would pass Bell for second and third respectively and he'd be running fourth.

On Lap 61, Almirola would pass Skinner for second and drop him to third.

The third caution flag came out on Lap 63, for a multi-Truck wreck involving Setzer, James Buescher in the No. 10 Maxx Force Diesel International, Chris Fontaine in the No. 84 Glenden Enterprises Chevrolet and Jason Young in the No. 07 3BR/ASI Limited Chevrolet.

There was no Aaron's Lucky Dog winner under this caution.

Both Buescher and Young have major damage, while Fontaine and Setzer had minor damage and would continue.

On the Lap 68 restart, Hornaday takes the green, he'd just hang on as Almirola would try to pass on the low side but wasn't able to make it stick.

By Lap 70, Hornaday would be leading by 0.358 seconds over Almirola in second. Crafton would pass Cook for fourth and starts after Skinner in third.

The fourth caution comes out on Lap 74, for Brian Ickler in the No. 51 Miccosukee Resorts/Samsung Instinct Toyota spinning after getting into Ricky Carmichael in the No. 4 Monster Energy Drink Chevrolet.

Brent Sherman in the No. 90 Great Clips Toyota was the Aaron's Lucky Dog award winner under this caution.

Both Scott and Starr would come to pit road for a fuel stop under this caution, they'd restart 12th and.

Under caution the top five was; Hornaday leading, Almirola second, Skinner third, Crafton fourth and Cook fifth.

On the Lap 79 restart, Hornaday takes the green, holds off Almirola to keep the lead.

By Lap 84, Hornaday leads by 0.821 seconds in second and Skinner in third is 1.432 seconds back.

On Lap 86, the best racing is Rick Crawford in the No. 14 Circle Bar/International Truck Engine in 12th and Braun in 11th, he'd pass him coming back to the stripe taking 11th and a lap later Crawford would pass bell for 10th.

On Lap 89, Scott would pass Carmichael for 14th and has Starr following him.

On Lap 91, Starr passes Scott for 14th and would pass Bodine for 13th.

After 98 Laps, the top five was; Hornaday leading, Almirola second, Skinner third, Crafton fourth and Cook fifth.

By Lap 100, Hornaday had a lead of 1.455 seconds over Almirola. Hornaday has lead 96 of 100 laps run so far and has just dominated today.

On Lap 104, Hornaday continues to lead, but Crafton in fourth starts to catch Skinner in third and Cook in fifth puts some distance on Sauter in sixth.

The best racing on Lap 107, was Compton in seventh and Peters in eighth, as Peters tries to pass for the position, but can't make it stick.

The fifth caution flag comes out on Lap 110 for, Fontaine who lost a tire and left debris all over the track.

Gosselin would get his second Aaron's Lucky Dog award of the race under this caution.

On Lap 112, the leaders all pit for the first of two stops, getting tires.

On Lap 113, everyone comes back in for their second stop for fuel, but Compton, Scott, and Starr stay out just taking tires.

Compton would come in for his second stop on Lap 114, as he misunderstood his crew chief when he stayed out and will have a lot of ground to make up.

On Lap 116, under caution the top five was; Scott leading, Starr second, Hornaday third, Ickler fourth and Almirola fifth.

On the Lap 117 restart, Scott takes the green pulls away from Starr, who got passed on the outside for second.

Starr and Almirola were side by side racing for third, on Lap 118, and a lap later Almirola would get third from Starr.

On Lap 121, the best racing on the track was Almirola third, Starr fourth and Crafton fifth are all racing together and battling for the position.

On Lap 122, Starr would repass Almirola for third, Crafton in fifth tries to pass him on the high side for fourth, but can't make the pass stick.

By Lap 125, Scott would lead by 0.367 seconds on Hornaday who's right there reeling in the leader.

After 128 Laps, the top five was; Scott leading, Hornaday second, Starr third, Almirola fourth and Crafton fifth.

On Lap 130, Scott leads by truck length as Hornaday is right there hot on his heels waiting for a mistake.

Scott with Hornaday on his bumper raced battling for the lead for four laps, before on Lap 135, Scott would go high, Hornaday low as the split Sherman and Horn would retake the lead.

By Lap 141, Hornaday would be leading by 0.908 seconds on Scott in second. The best racing was Crawford and Tayler Malsam in the No. 81 One-Eighty Toyota for 11th, as they have swapped the position back and forth ovr the last few laps.

By Lap 144, Hornaday led by a second on Scott in second and Starr in third was 2.333 seconds back.

After 145 Laps, the top five was; Hornaday first, Scott second, Starr third, Almirola fourth and Crafton fifth.

By lap 153, Hornaday lead by 1.508 seconds over Scott in second. Bodine was running in 10th, may have some smoking coming from his truck and being watched by NASCAR officials according to Speed TV.

By Lap 158, Hornaday leads by two seconds over Scott in second. Crafton in fifth, starts battling with Almirola for fourth.

After 160 Laps, the top five was; Hornaday leads, Scott second, Starr third, Almirola fourth and Crafton fifth.

On lap 173, Hornaday leads by 2.5 seconds over Scott in second and Starr in third is over 3 seconds back. Crafton was able to pass Almirola for fourth.

By Lap 176, Hornaday would lead by over two seconds on Scott. Skinner in fifth, starts working on Almirola in fourth and is all over his bumper.

On Lap 178, Hornaday leads but Scott in second starts feeling pressure from Starr in third. Almirola and Skinner are still battling out for fourth and fifth.

After 181 Laps, the top five was; Hornaday leads, Scott second, Starr third, Crafton fourth and Almirola in fifth.

By 187 Lap, Hornaday leads by 1.983 seconds on Scott, Starr in third is 2.5 seconds back of the leader.

On Lap 189, Hornaday continues to lead, this week he's racing chassis No. 027 and he's won three races out of it's last five races.

On Lap 191, Hornaday leads, Scott holds onto second and Starr in third is right behind them both are running not knowing if they have enough fuel to make it to the end.

By Lap 193, Hornaday leads Scott by 2.775 seconds. The best racing is Sauter for eighth, Braun ninth and Bodine in 10th running together battling for position.

The sixth caution comes out on Lap 194, for Setzer and Malsam who had contact racing for position and both spin. 

After 195 Laps, under caution the top five was; Hornaday lead, Scott second, Starr third, Crafton fourth and Almirola fifth.

On the Lap 199 restart, Hornaday takes the green, he would start to pull away from Scott in second who also on the low side right behind him.

Hornaday would take the white flag, pulling away from Scott who has put some distance between himself and Starr in third.

Hornaday would take the checkers, he'd win by 0.653 seconds over Scott in second, it was his third win at Memphis, his 42 career win and 23 win for KHI in trucks.

Alimirola would get fourth as he's three wide with Skinner and Crafton and the two had contact, but both save it.

It was deja vu for me as last year this race, was the first truck recap I wrote and that one Hornaday dominated as well.

Horn lead 175 laps of 200, for the second race his crew used strategy to win as they set up his No. 33 Longhorn truck to run on a slick track on a very hot day in Memphis and just dominated.

Hornaday would get the checkers, drives down the front stretch saluting the fans with the checkers held a loft and head to victory lane on the front stretch. It was Horn's seventh career win from the pole.

Like on the local tracks, the cool thing with Memphis Motorsports Park they hole victory lane right on the track and use a tractor trailer as a stage.

Hornaday would run through the thank you's, do all the photos and posed with the Elvis Trophy after getting it from Steve McGranahan "the World's Strongest Redneck".

"The last Elvis trophy at Memphis, that's pretty cool," Hornaday said.

"It was pretty awesome to come here and win the last Elvis trophy. That's means a lot."

Brian Scott ran a great race, lead 20 laps in finishing second, used pit strategy to get up front and without a cast on his right hand the finish could possibly been different.

David Starr would also run a great race, finishing third, also tried pit strategy to get up front and got his best finish of 2009.

Aric Almirola would finish fourth, led a lap, ran a great race, his last set of tires hurt his trucks handling and end up getting a career best fourth place finish in trucks.

Matt Crafton brought it home fifth, he ran a great race battle hard to hold onto fifth and ran a smart race keeping pace with the points leader.

Positions sixth through 10th were; Mike Skinner, Timothy Peters, Johnny Sauter, Colin Braun and Todd Bodine.

The points are now; Hornaday leads Crafton by 76 points in second and Skinner in third by 134 points.

The next race is; July 18: Built Ford Tough 225 at Kentucky Speedway on Speed at 6:30PM with the Set-Up Show with Krista Voda and 7:00PM Race Time.

I'm dedicating this recap to Jason Arden. A talented crew member in NASCAR, who was killed last year on June 26th, right before the Memphis Truck race. He always had a smile on his face at the track. "Ardy" will always be missed, he touched many drivers and fans hearts.

Source for this article are my racing notes, any mistakes are my own, the quote comes from and used lap summary for a resource only.

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