After the Victor Ortiz Beat Down, What Now for Golden Boy Productions?

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIJune 28, 2009

HOLLYWOOD - MARCH 30:  Professional boxer Victor Ortiz attends 'The Battle of East and West', a promotion for the May 2, 2009 World Junior Welterweight Championship boxing match held at the Roosevelt Hotel on March 30, 2009 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Victor Ortiz just a horrible night at the Staples Center here in Los Angeles. He not only got hit with the first real loss of his young boxing career, he got beat up very badly.

Ortiz took the kind of beating that often changes a fighter for all time.

But as bad as this evening was for Ortiz, it may have been worse for Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Productions.

Four months ago GBP had two of the top up and coming fighters in Ortiz and James Kirkland. Now with Victor's stunning loss and James Kirkland's arrest on weapons charges Golden Boy is left scrambling trying to fill upcoming dates with suitable fights.

A stunning turn around for a company that only months ago looked to have the boxing world in the palm of its hand.

So, what now for Golden Boy?

Here is my six point plan for bringing boxing's best promotion firm back from the brink.

1. Try to lock down the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. - Manny Pacquiao fight.

This should have happened two weeks ago, but it didn't. And at this point there is so much behind the scenes politics involved in the process that there is a good chance this proposed mega-fight may never happen.

But Golden Boy's five fight contract with Mayweather will not yield the kind of money or prestige that everyone thought unless they find a way to make this fight happen.

2. Get Shane Mosley to fight Paul Williams.

I know this isn't the fight that Sugar Shane wants but it is the best fight out for Mosley in term of money and legacy at this time. And it is a fight that will get hardcore boxing fans excited in a way that Mayweather-Marquez and Pacquiao-Cotto does not.

Williams is one of the toughest foes out there because of his size and his unorthodox style, but Shane has the kind of resiliency and fast hands to make this an exciting fight. And whoever wins this fight would be the obvious choice to fight Mayweather next if Manny Pacquiao does indeed retire as his handlers are currently indicating.

3. Get James Kirkland a good lawyer.

It would be a shame to see Kirkland become another casualty when he could easily become the most exciting fighter since the heyday of Mike Tyson.

I don't know all the details of Kirkland's legal woes but the idea of a young man who could actually make money for people in this economy being sent to prison for two to 10. I would think the state of Texas should be willing to cut a deal to allow Kirkland to remain free and continue his career.

4. Have Freddy Roach train Victor Ortiz.

I don't know how tonight's fight will affect Ortiz in the long run, but I do know Roach has talked to Golden Boy about training him in the past.

Ortiz, a big puncher with quick hands and questionable defense seems like the prototypical Roach reclamation project. Love him or hate him, Freddy has managed to make similar fighters into exciting, bankable fighters who succeed at the highest levels.

5. Have Bernard Hopkins fight Chad Dawson.

If B-Hop isn't going to retire than he needs to fight someone that matters and Joe Calzaghe ain't coming back unless Frank Warren gets out of paying him what's he's owed. (A distinct possibility.)

Dawson hasn't shown the ability to put fannies in the seat but with the right promotion I think this fight could move some units.

If Golden Boy does these things they will be right back on top.

I for one am rooting for them, because I surely don't want to go back to days when all fights were controlled by the likes of Bob Arum and Don King.