Ultimate Chaos: The Recap

Jaime MorenoCorrespondent IJune 28, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 10:  WWE Diva wrestler Torrie Wilson (R) and WWE RAW Wrestler Bobby Lashley arrive at the Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards 2007 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on October 10, 2007 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

First off as a fan of MMA I enjoy watching MMA fights no matter who is fighting, but man was the broadcast of this show horrible.  The main announcer was mispronouncing the fighters name all day.  Ok enough about that, the fights started slow but had some real good moments. 

Before the show was even started some news was released that Din Thomas was not going to fight.  Thomas originally didn’t make the weight and was under the impression that, missing weight by one and a half, he was ok to rehydrate.  Today the organizers told him he still had to make the weight, and during the second cut he began to get ill so local fighter Mark Kergosien stepped in today. 

The first fight was very disappointing.  It featured James Orso and Danny Abbadi which was just a bad fight.  Some of you may remember Abbadi who had a short lived career in the UFC; he was Matt Hamill’s BFF in TUF season three.  The fight was basically Orso in Abbadi’s guard or a lot of missed punches and kicks.  James Orso wins by Unanimous Decision. 

Fight number two is Brandon Harder vs. John Harris and it’s a little bit better.  The first round is back and forth with both men punching their butts off.  Harder is in better shape and it shows.  Harder is getting takedowns when he wants to and at one point gets a guillotine on Harris with the round ending with Harder having Harris’s back.

Round two starts and goes into the ground almost immediately with Harris on top but not really landing any punches.  Harris is wore out and with about a minute and a half left Harder gets a sweep and goes to the side mount.  From the side mount Harris gets an arm triangle and finishes with 30 seconds left in the second round. 

Tom Atencio vs. Randy Hedderickis fight number three and it ended very oddly. It started with Hedderick rocking Atencio early and Atencio didn’t really look good in the first round.  Hedderick is working the clinch and landing the Muay Thai knees all day. 

Round two starts similarly with knees from Hedderick.  Atencio gets a number of takedowns and although Hedderick is able to get standing Atencio is relentless with the takedowns.  The round ends with Atencio landing some really big punches from the top given Hedderick a badly busted nose.  Atencio gets the win when Hedderick isn’t able to answer the third round bell.

Brent Cooper vs. Spirit Wolf is the next fight and I’m excited to see Brent Cooper live.  He is on a two year fight win streak and has made a name for himself as of late with wins over Rory Markham and Patrick Speight at the last Affliction event.  That expectation didn’t live up to it.  Mr. Spirit Wolf landed a very nice over hand right and put Cooper on bye-bye street.  Cooper was so gone that when they had him standup he was still walking side to side.  Spirit Wolf wins at 3:41 in the first round.  In the interview Spirit Wolf says that he knew Copper was looking past him and he felt that it was going to be Copper’s downfall.  I guess he was right.

Chris Horodecki vs. William Sriyapaiis the next fight and I gotta tell you Horodecki looked real good. After they open up with kicks, Horodecki shows what happens to a fighter when you train with the guys at Xtreme Couture when he gets a beautiful double leg takedown and get Sriyapai’s back after a quick transition.  Horodecki is very patient and with less than a minute left in the round sinks in a very good RNC forcing Sriyapai to tap.  Horodecki and his camp look ready for the Affliction show in August.

Javier Vasquez vs. Mark Kergosien is a very big letdown.  As I stated early Din Thomas was replaced at the last minute and Mark Kergosien isn’t in Vasquez’s league.  Kergosien for some reason tries to take down Vasquez and the BJJ black belt stuffs it with ease and sinks in a deep guillotine ending the fight real early.  In the interview Vasquez says that he thinks that very few have a chance at beating him at 145.  Maybe the WEC heard that and will give Vasquez a shot at proving his theory.

Lance Thompson vs. Colin McKee is a filler fight that makes the broadcast.  It wasn’t really that exciting but got odd when the fight ends with McKee landing glancing blows to Thompson’s side of the head and Thompson tapping.  It was so weird an ending that the announcers have to wait for the replay to see if Thompson tapped or not.

The Co-Main event features Pedro Rizzo vs. Gilbert Yvel.  The fight starts with Yvel throwing some kicks and Rizzo tripping Yvel and getting the takedown.  Rizzo works the ground and pound real nicely with some good elbows for a good minute.  Yvel eventually pushes Rizzo off of him and gets back to his feet.  Once back to their feet Yvel lands a couple of punches and throws a leg kick that clips Rizzo on the top of the head.  Rizzo tries for a takedown but Yvel avoids and throws some heavy punches that land on Rizzo and knocks him completely out.  Gilbert shows some real class and doesn’t over do the celebration and even kneels down next to Rizzo waiting to show his respect for the fighter.  Next up for Yvel is Paul Buentello at the Affliction card in August which is sure to be a good fight. 

Now for the Main Event of the card which features Bobby Lashley vs. Bob Sapp.  The prefight interviews had Lashley saying all the right thinks like “I’m going to stand with Sapp” and the like but that was all talk because Lashley quickly takes the Beast down with ease.  From that point is was Lashley raining down punches for a solid two minutes till the ref jumps in near the three minute mark giving the win to Lashley.

Overall it was an ok show, but the production was low rate.  The announcers were bad, the in cage interviewer was bad, and they talked to too many sponsors in the cage.  Hopefully if they have another show it will be a little more up to par.