Fantasy Casting a 2nd Season of WWE Legends House

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 30, 2014

Fantasy Casting a 2nd Season of WWE Legends House

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    WWE Legends' House has provided all of us with some funny and entertaining moments, but more importantly, it has given us a chance to get to know some of our favorite legends outside of the ring.

    The cast for the first season is full of some of the most recognizable names in pro wrestling, but there are plenty more out there who fans would love to see outside of the ring.

    Despite the ridiculous competitions WWE has put the legends through, the show seems much less scripted than the average reality show. You can tell that not a lot of what is seen on the show is pre-planned, which is rare in reality television.

    The format of the show provides for a lot of goofy situations, and with a cast of ideal housemates, we could have an even more entertaining Season 2.

    This slideshow will look at eight legends fans would love to see stay in the house next season. This is a fantasy casting scenario, so some of the names on the list would likely never do something like this.

Jim Ross

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    Jim Ross has outright said that he would not be interested in appearing on Legends' House, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be a great addition to the cast.

    Jim Ross is one of WWE's most beloved non-wrestling personalities. His love for the sport and enthusiastic commentary have made him into one of the best commentators in the business.

    Ross has his own Ross Report podcast and a blog he updates regularly, and he recently called a boxing match for Fox Sports 1, but we still don't know that much about the real Jim Ross.

    We haven't had the chance to get to know him outside of the ring in the same way we have gotten to know other legends over the years.

    Ross would be a big get for Legends' House because of his popularity and sense of humor.

Shawn Michaels

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    Shawn Michaels was the guest on the most recent episode of Legends' House. He took the group fishing, and while they were on the water, he was asked by Mean Gene Okerlund if he would ever like to live in the house.

    Michaels made it pretty clear that it would not be his cup of tea, but that got me thinking. He would actually be perfect for the show.

    Shawn, like so many of the members of the current cast, has had many personal issues that he has worked through to get to a point in his life where he is happy and healthy.

    Michaels not only has an interesting history in the business, but he is also hilarious and would definitely help make some entertaining moments for the show.

    This is another name on the list who is less likely than some of the others, but he would be a great addition.

Jerry Lawler

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    The biggest thing that would stand in the way of Jerry Lawler appearing on Legends' House would be his position as a commentator with WWE, but if he were able to take a few months off to be on the show, fans would be psyched.

    Lawler is one of the biggest names in the wrestling business. He has held over 100 titles throughout his Hall of Fame career, and he has become one of the most beloved legends in WWE.

    Sure, WWE likes to make him look like a fool every now and then, but clearly Lawler is fine with taking one for the team after so many instances where he has been attacked to put over a young heel.

    His willingness to look ridiculous on Raw might mean he would be willing to look ridiculous on a reality show, and let's face it, Lawler would be very entertaining.

    Combined with his old broadcast partner, Jim Ross, we would have one of the greatest duos in commentary history showing us a different side of their personalities.

Dusty Rhodes

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    This is one of the names on the list who actually seems like a very good possibility. Rhodes already works for WWE, and he fits the bill for what WWE looks for in a housemate.

    Rhodes is a legend of the business, has an engaging personality and has a lot of stories to tell. In fact, he would be ideal for this show.

    Dusty is a charismatic individual who we have never had much of a chance to get to know outside of the ring. He likely has plenty of great stories about raising Cody Rhodes and Goldust as well as about his time in the ring.

    Seeing Dusty shed the persona and be himself is something many older fans would be interested in, and younger fans would get a chance to find out more about one of the most influential men in the business.

Ted DiBiase

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    Ted DiBiase is well known to WWE fans young and old. Both of his sons tried their hand at wrestling for WWE, and the company occasionally brings him back for random appearances.

    Most fans have only ever had a chance to see DiBiase as his millionaire persona, so being able to watch him drop the character and be himself would be a welcome change.

    DiBiase is one of those legends who never held the WWE title, but he made a big impression, especially on fans who watched during the '80s.

    DiBiase may be one of the more likely choices for the second season of Legends' House, and he would certainly be an entertaining addition to the cast.

Rocky Johnson

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    Tony Atlas is on the season of Legends' House that is currently airing on the WWE Network. Why not have his tag team partner on the show during Season 2?

    Rocky Johnson is the father of The Rock and a legend in his own right. He was part of the first African-American WWE Tag Team champions with Tony Atlas, and he has held numerous titles in other promotions throughout the years.

    Johnson is known by most of the WWE Universe as Rock's dad, but we don't know much else about the man other than he had a great physique and a big personality.

    Johnson was very charismatic during his days in the ring, and seeing that same charisma on the reality show would definitely make things entertaining.

Dutch Mantel (Zeb Colter)

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    A current WWE personality who would make a very interesting addition to the cast is Zeb Colter, aka Dirty Dutch Mantel, real name Wayne Keown.

    Not only has Colter managed several Superstars in WWE throughout the years, but he is also responsible for helping to train some of the more well-known Superstars from the past few decades.

    Colter is known to WWE audiences as an outspoken anti-immigration radical, but in reality, he is a very intelligent man who has a lot to offer to the younger generation.

    Seeing Colter drop his bigoted gimmick and have some fun would be a nice change of pace, but the odds are good that he would not be on the show unless he was not being used by WWE as a manager.

Vince McMahon

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    The least likely name on the list is also probably the one fans would like to see the most. Vince McMahon is very guarded in his personal life, so seeing him in a show like this would definitely be interesting.

    We've all seen McMahon on television for many years as the ruthless tyrant, but seeing McMahon as himself is something most fans just don't get to experience.

    McMahon has a big personality that would probably clash with a few of his former employees' personalities and provide for some entertaining moments.

    To put a CEO of a company in this kind of position would be very unlikely, as he would have to miss a significant amount of time in the office and he would not be able to run shows like he has been doing for decades, but it would be hilarious.

    These are just eight people who would be welcome additions to the Legends' House, but some of them are unlikely, and there are plenty more legends out there who would make great housemates.

    Who do you want to see on the next season of Legends' House?