Analyzing WWE's Feuds, Week 7: A New Level Of Hell

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJune 27, 2009

Welcome to Week Seven of "Analyzing WWE's Feuds." As always, I will be analyzing the current feuds of the WWE and whether I think the WWE should "End it" or "Pursue it," based on what I see in the rivalry.

This could include the reasoning behind the rivalry, the quality of matches, or the direction of the characters. I hope you enjoy the second installment.


Triple H and Randy Orton

These two put on a great last man standing match on Raw this week, but I think it kind of makes me not care about the 3 Stages of Hell Match coming up this Sunday.

I hope this Sunday's match will be the big blow off to this feud so Randy Orton can have someone new to work with. The two do work pretty well together, but after them feuding nearly the whole year so far I'm ready to see something new.

Ruling: "End It"

The Miz and John Cena

Finally these to get to have a match. The Miz has been really good on the mic and his Cena bashing has been really entertaining. The Miz has more or less put himself over by mocking Cena.

I'm interestedto see whether the WWE will have Cena get the obvious win or if they give The Miz an up set. I think if you have The Miz win by D.Q. or count out that it would be enough to continue this one and make Miz look good enough so that he can continue to bash Cena.

Ruling: "Pursue It"

Legacy and The Colons

It doesn't seem like the WWE will be doing much with these two teams and I think that after Legacy win the titles (they will) that little will go on. The Colons will try and win back their titles and then fail. Eventually they will turn on one another thus the circle of the "Tag Team Cycle" is complete.

Ruling: "End It"


Dreamer, Christian, Swagger, Henry, and Finlay?

I am not looking forward to the scramble match this Sunday. To many people involved in the same match at once is more or less a mess. While I liked the concept back in 2008 I did not like the matches at all.

Let me get this straight. Evan Bourne beats Mark Henry 2 weeks in a row and then Henry gets to be in the title match? What? I do like how the inserted Finlay into the match.

Ruling: "End It"


Jeff Hardy and CM Punk

I find the slow turn of CM Punk very interesting. I'm glad the WWE is taking its time in making Punk a heel. They did something similar with Chris Jericho last year. Having Punk become a heel will allow other faces to have someone to feud with giving Edge and Jericho some relief.

I hope Jeff Hardy and CM Punk have a nice chemistry in the ring and I can't wait for their match this Sunday. I hope they continue the one on one program threw Night Of Champions and maybe even Summer Slam. I hope this will be the time that Punk stays in the main event.

Ruling: "Pursue It"

Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio

I was originally very bored with this rivalry, but after time wore on it grew on me and now I am very interested. I am not a big fan of having title vs. mask match at The Bash as Jericho will probably retain the title after a D.Q. or Count out.

Jericho has been on fire over the past year and just about everything he does has been awesome; except for that whole Mickey Rourke thing. Oh well.

Ruling: "Pursue It"

Dolph Ziggler and The Great Kahli

Oh please make this horrible program stop!

Ruling: "End It"