Why the Kansas City Royals Suck

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IMay 1, 2008

I found an interesting article on the Kansas City Royals and their lack of plate discipline.

How bad has the Royals’ offense been?

Well, so far, Kansas City is scoring 3.28 runs per game. That’s 72.5 percent of the league average. By that measure over a full season, the Royals would be the worst offensive team in the American League in the era since the franchise came into existence.

The Royals offense sucks to put it mildly. The general manager of the team is one Dayton Moore. Mr. Moore’s philosophy is that plate discipline is not taught but acquired. Yeah right. Moore’s biography may be found by clicking here. Moore is a Fellowship of Christian Athletes guy. With Moore at the helm having total control of personnel decisions the Royals will not have a prayer. The dude just doesn’t get it.The team was next to last in walks and on-base-percentage. Moore’s big move was to add Jose Guillen into the middle of the lineup. Jay G has a lifetime three to one ratio of strikeouts to walks. This year the ratio is nine to one.

Dayton Moore doesn’t have a clue, of how to build a winning team.

The value of plate discipline measured.