Montreal Canadiens: Habs Keep Working and Keep Losing

Miah D.Senior Writer IMay 1, 2008

This is probably the most frustrating time, not only for Guy Carbonneau, but for the entire team and the fans community. "Canada's team" is about to be eliminated.

You cannot accuse them of not trying, shooting not less than 38 pucks toward Martin Biron. But Biron is too good, the Habs are not organized enough, and once they actually can get some good things going on, the game is over.

Coach Carbonneau decided to put Halak in the lion's cage for the first time of his career.

At first, I thought it was a bad move since the other kid was ready. "I just need to work, and that is what I did this morning...I believe I'll get the start," said Price to the journalists Wednesday morning. Moreover, it may hurt the kid's confidence.

But I gave it a try, since the coach's decision is the coach's decision. He is the boss, and he knows what he is doing.

In the end, Halak's post game sentence sums the situation, and how risky the decision turned out to be: "I took it as a regular season game."

Hello? Why don't you put back the Patrick Roy on the side of your helmet so he can give you the right vibes for a playoff game?

I love the kid. He is a great goalie, and he did made a few key saves out there when his teammates were not focused enough to keep the puck out of the zone.

And well, considering the game as a regular one might have taken a lot of pressure and stress off his shoulders. It is a huge task to get the start for a must-win game.

At some point, I think everyone's brain cells just got burnt by the shiny orange colour of the crowd.

I am not being frustrated. The whole situation just makes me sick. It's different!

Talking about goalie controversy, Robert McGee, from the Canes community, wrote an interesting piece about the Huet's trade consequence. To some degree, it is true. Maybe Huet would have gotten some of those games.

In my recent article, Penguins community member Anthony Leoano told me, "There is no way Montreal will win these series, the Flyers are simply too good."

Deep down in my heart, I still believe they can get through it, but watching the way the game is going, I need to give to Anthony full credit for his outside perspective regarding my Habs.

And if the trend keeps on, I will have to acknowledge that Anthony was right.

However, I'm a bit relieved learning I am not the only one left thinking the Habs can make it, Sheldon Souray is on my side!

The point is, Saku Koivu is probably the only one working hard and finding some results out there. Apart from that, we are all wandering around looking for the puck and, there it is, behind Halak. Oh no, refs, refs, it is your fault!

The power play has been great for the team during the regular season. But then, when the PP won't work, the entire game is falling apart. Worse, they even allow shorthanded goals now.

If I were coach Carbonneau, I would have a talk with the veterans. Jean Perron did it back in 1986 with Bob Gainey, Larry Robinson, and others. He has put the team in their hands, especially the young guns.

Not that the time is desperate, (who am I kidding here, it is!) but Kovalev, Smolinski, Begin, Higgins, and Plekanek should step up.

Despite the 1-3 trailing, coach Carbo and his crew still believe. "The series are not over yet," said our dearest Guy, who is nominated for the Jack Adams Trophy.

I would expect Carey Price to be back in the net for the next home game. But as I expected a much better series from my lovely Canadiens, it is better to just sit and wait.

Next game (hopefully not the last one) will be Saturday, in Montreal. If it is to be the last, I think the more frustrating would be to look back at this amazing season. It is almost like watching the Patriots losing at the Super Bowl after a 16-0-0 record.

Don't tell me next year will be greater, they are on the right way, it is a young team, and so on.

Next year, the Sens would have fixed their problems and the Bruins would have their key players and good times back on. So the "meilleure chance la prochaine fois" does not work for me!

In Montreal, there are still cars, bars, restaurants, and shops with the Bleu Blanc Rouge colours. Except one located near Mont Royal (if you are around, go take a look), there is a store that has displayed a goalie equipments on a chair, with a sign "GOLF :( " on it. It got me thinking...

Go Habs!

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, Fifteen percent concentrated power of will, Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, And a hundred percent reason to remember the name—FORT MINOR


    Gallagher is the Habs’ King Clancy Memorial Trophy nominee

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    Gallagher is the Habs’ King Clancy Memorial Trophy nominee

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