International Spotlight: El Zorro

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 27, 2009

I've decided to challenge myself into writing articles other than women's wrestling related at least once a week. In light of that, I thought I would write about some of my favorite male foreign wrestlers. My first article will spotlight the greatness of AAA luchador "El Profeta de la Lucha Libre" El Zorro.

Before I begin speaking about him, let me first say that I've barely been watching AAA for about a year. Thanks to being up very late one October night, I stumbled upon to Galavision, the big Spanish channel here in Texas, and what do I find but a six sided ring and wrestling! I found myself extremely entertained, and was even able to recognize a few wrestlers who were once apart of WCW and ECW.

My first sight of Zorro I will never forget: He was talking to a horse. Yes, a horse. I would later come to find out he was going through bouts of losing his mind. Watching him lose it every single week, even in a language I vaguely understand has been the most entertaining aspect of watching wrestling in the past few months. The man has made going crazy an artform. He's talked to horses, rosaries, windows, walls, his kendo stick and makes it all seem like someone is really there.

I can say as a woman that Zorro being very attractive makes it easy to watch him. But it goes beyond that. He truly understands about telling a story in and out the ring.

For me personally he's the best wrestler in AAA. He possesses a natural athleticism and agility that makes him a good luchador, but he also has submission, mat and power moves that give him the know-how to put on quality matches with various types of wrestlers.

He was last year's winner of the Rey de Reyes tournament (think King of the Ring) and has put on a few quality title matches with AAA top guys Cibernetico and El Mesias(Judas Mesias from TNA), good matches with the fast paced Charly Manson as well as former WWE star X-Pac in recent history. For me, the best matches I've seen him in have been against El Mesias. Granted, I haven't been able to see every match he's put on, but their ladder match at Guerra de Titantes was pretty entertaining. I've heard his match with X-Pac at this year's Triplemania was good, but I have yet to see it.

Even though the whole time I've been watching he's been a heel, he's an entertaining heel like Edge. I can't help but want to learn Spanish so I can understand him. But the great thing about Zorro is you get what he's trying to get across without the language comprehension.

Without a doubt, this one man makes me want to watch AAA.

Hope you enjoyed, and next week I will profile New Japan's Shinsuke Nakamura, who is responsible for my love of Japanese wrestling.