The Nickel: Punk's Progression, Vince On SD!, The Truth, & a New Project

AkDSenior Writer IJune 27, 2009

Teddy Long on Probation

The biggest question right about now is why the hell was Vince McMahon on SD!? After "buying" back his baby flagship show RAW a double the price he sold it for..he shows up on the labeled "B" show in the WWE. Just about everyone who I've interacted with after this special appearance whether it was via internet, phone, or in person were disgusted by McMahon showing up. 

The reason?

"He ruined RAW, he's going to ruin SD! now!"

There were other claims, but that was the most frequent one. I'm indifferent toward his appearance, but hs segments weren't as bad as usual. Vince ragged on Mysterio, Hardy (loved it) and looked at R-Truth like he was an idiot.

Teddy Long also felt McMahon's sudden Friday night storm as he was put on probation. I don't know what's to come with this, but I'd be satisfied if Vince gathered a group of SD! stars and tried to "fix" SD! and lead to a Survivor Series matchup of some sorts.


Who's a Punk?

I for one was blown away by Morrison's victory over CM Punk as his push was soared to unbelievable heights. Punk is playing his tweener role excellently as I'm beginning to find myself more and more drawn to his character.

He hasn't got me on board yet, but he took a giant leap on Friday against Morrison. His GTS afterward was a great way to put the icing on the cake. From the moment I saw Punk on ECW I always said he looks like a SD! guy and he's doing big things on Friday nights.

With Dreamer and Orton as the other world champs Punk is easily the most watchable in the eyes of many. I hope he gets rid of Hardy and he takes his leave out of the arena at the Bash and out of the WWE as well. His theme song is currently my favorite in the entire company...I wonder how much longer until I'm a Punk fan?



Jeese is ALIVE!

Oh thank the heavens Jesse is alive!

Biscuits and gravy!

Relax, I'm not that excited, but it's good to know he didn't get the boot. He appeared on Cryme Tyme's first ever televised "Word Up" that's usually shown on Jesse appeared in the middle of the show wanting to be "down" with the Brooklyn boys. He repeatedly said "Jeezy", who happens to be my favorite rapper Young Jeezy though Jesse was referring to himself. It's a shame that Jesse did a better job than those two at their own gimmick. I hope Jesse gets more airtime and some wrestling time with Cryme Tyme.


FiftyIV's World War FiftyIV: Alpha & Omega

Yours truly has an epic project in the works. 

What is it?

When will it be Published?

There is no timeline as I don't know when it will be published, but I can say it will be a fine piece of work. It isn't just depending on my availability to pen a piece, I can go at just about at anytime, but it depends on other things as well. Endurance, strength, diligence, and tolerance amongst other things. The journey to the piece will be an epic one, I will have to find my way to this piece. 

Sidenote: It will be a wrestling piece, I no longer have time nor wish to address our resident idiots.


You want the truth?

"You be skipping and jumping"

Another Benjamin loss in the books folks, but I'm so frustrated that I'm tired of being frustrated. Benjamin can take out Truth any day of the week, so my high point was the promo he got to cut before squaring off with Truth.

He really gave it to him huh? 

"I don't be the gold standard....I AM the gold standard!"

That was a pretty good promo in my view though the masses will disagree. Jim Ross took some time to mention Benjamin's win loss record and that's it's frustrating Benjamin. It's frustrating me too (5-35 for 2009). I hate jumping the gun and assuming, but maybe..just maybe Benjamin might have something finally going for him here as he got some heat including some "You suck" chants at the end of the promo.

Yes, I'm always optimistic.