Pick Your $15 All-Time John Calipari Kentucky Team

Matt KingFeatured ColumnistMay 29, 2014


You may have seen this fun, time-wasting game making the rounds on the Internet since Tuesday, courtesy of @BallIsLife:

It got me thinking about if I could do that just with players from John Calipari-led Wildcat teams. And, what do you know, it actually works out really well. For a guy who has been at Kentucky for only five seasons, he's already coached more talent than most other coaches have had in a lifetime.

The toughest part of putting this together was deciding whether Eric Bledsoe or James Young was better. And I put guys like Terrence Jones in his more natural small forward spot, even though he spent a lot of time playing power forward. But overall I feel good about where everyone is.


Thanks to some good reader comments, I did switch some things around. Let me know what you think of these options.

End Update.

A lot of people seem to really be into getting John Wall and Anthony Davis for $10 and then filling in the rest. Seems like you could put anybody with those two guys and have a championship caliber team. 

Another fun thing is to see how much a starting lineup from each year would have cost (with the updated prices):

2010 - Wall, Bledsoe, Miller, Patterson, Cousins - $19

2011 - Knight, Liggins, Miller, Jones, Harrellson - $14

2012 - Teague, Lamb, MKG, Jones, Davis - $19

2013 - Harrow, Goodwin, Julius Mays ($0), Poythress, Noel - $8

2014 - Harrison, Harrison, Young, Randle, Johnson - $20

It shows that the 2010 team definitely underachieved and the 2011 team really overachieved. And of course it also reiterates my point that we should continue pretending like the 2013 team never happened.

I can't wait to see what everyone else tries. Put your best starting five in the comments or tweet your choices to @TheRealMattKing.