NFL Week 1

Jason SiesserCorrespondent IMay 1, 2008

NFL Schedule Week 1 Predictions

Week 1 features 8 games within divisions plus 2 statement games.  The rest of week 1 looks irrelevant.  Rivalries will be the focus of week one.

The Jets and Dolphins face off in a game of who cares.  Neither team is tooled enough to hope to challenge the Patriots so they will probably be playing for last place.  Gholston vs Long might be the only aspect of the game worth watching as the Jets will probably spank the Dolphins. 

The Ravens and the Bengals will play in an attempt to reclaim their status as teams who can challenge for their division title.  Will Chad Johnson still be a Bengal and if so will be play?  Will the Ravens feature their number 1 draft pick, QB Joe Flacco?  Were they insane taking him when they did?  He would have still been on the board along with Henne and Brohm in the late second round!

The Saints and Buccaneers will try to begin their 2008 campaign with wins against what appear to be the top teams in their division, each other.  Will Bush run wild or will the Tampa D dominate the Saints as they attempt to reclaim their glory of 2006.

The Jags face the Titans in what will be a test of the Jags new defensive front.  Truthfully this will be a slaughter.  The Jags will stomp the poor Titans in an attempt to prove that they are the new power in the AFC South.

The Cardinals and the 49ers will waste our time with an unimportant game in which Alex Smith and Matt Leinart will try to emerge as the salvation of their teams.  Perhaps it will be a game of Kurt Warner vs Shaun Hill.

The Monday night games feature division rivals the Vikings and Packers, who may be the top two teams in the NFC North.  Will Aaron Rogers avoid the rush of Jared Allen and the revitalized Vikings D-line or will the Vikings disrupt the Packers offense and to take the crown of the NFC North?

The last game of importance is probably also another pointless game.  The Broncos vs the Raiders.  Will the expensive Raider roster pay their fans back with a win or will Jay Cutler and the Broncos demonstrate that they can challenge for the AFC West title?

The rest of the games are pointless.  The Pats will begin by dismantling the Chiefs.  The Falcons and Detroit will try to cure their respective woes.  The Bills and Seahawks might be the best irrelevant game since these two try to challenge for their division titles?  The Rams and Eagles will try to return to the tops of their divisions.  No other games are worth watching except…