Ronan O'Gara: What We're They Thinking, WHAT?!

Matthew MaloneyCorrespondent IJune 27, 2009

At half time James Hook gave an interview to Sky Sports. Today was his birthday. He wasn't even named in the matchday 22. Ronan 'O' Gara was. What we're they thinking?

I've already pointed out O'Garas unforgivable deficiencies here, but to even put O'Gara on the bench is something verging on a deathwish against such an accomplished physical side like the World Champions.

With 20 minutes left in the game O'Gara, the Newbridge Cutlery model, comes on and within minutes is found out as usual as a headless 2 dimensional chicken who predictably kicked everything he got.

For South Africa's 3rd try, O'Gara once again put in a hopless tackle letting his opponent gain the valuable yardage that ultimately proved so crucial to the TV officials decision to eventually award the try after numerous screenings.

Fast-forward towards the last moments of the game as O'Gara, predictably, kicks the ball into high heaven and gives away a penalty. Much like Ireland's last grand slam match against Wales where O'Gara's ridiculous decision to cede possession was nearly punished with the last kick.

This time we were punished for his stupidity.

O'Gara is on the verge of being dropped in the Ireland team for young Jonathan Sexton. O'Gara was dropped for Stephen Jones in the Lions team. How long will Munster tolerate such a glaringly obtuse player who depends on the valour of those around him to shine?

Ronan O'Gara is quickly becoming rugby's answer to David Beckham. Nobody can provide a convincing argument why he's constantly thrown into the limelight, especially at people like Hook's expense.

I can't put into words my horror at finding out O'Gara was on the bench and the decision was punished, cruelly. The Lions must now wait 12 years as the South Africans had done to avenge themselves. Chances are, thankfully, O'Gara won't be in that squad.