Ozzie Guillen: The Only Coach Who's Still a Kid

Thomas H.Correspondent IJune 27, 2009

CHICAGO - JUNE 17: Manager Ozzie Guillen #13 of the Chicago White Sox jokes during batting practice before an interleague game against the Chicago Cubs on June 17, 2009 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Every time I hear that Ozzie Guillen has said something, nothing seems to surprise me. His moments of childhood seem to be full to the brim, especially know as we still look back onto his Wrigley Field comments.

Ozzie is still a kid, and very probably will always be. His childhood-like mentality in the clubhouse has somehow worked though, he won the Chicago White Sox a championship in the 2006 season. They also made the playoffs last year, winning the AL Central division.

Maybe it's the fact that though its easy to hate him for us in the outside of the town of Chicago, it might be easy to love him when your in it (well, not if your a Cubs fan).

Could it be the fact he only finished his career nine years ago, in 2000 with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays? It's amazing how fast he reached the head coach level, when he was given the job in 2003.

In his second year, he was named the coach of the year. He has only had one losing season, and his coaching job seems quite safe if you also realize that he had a great career with the White Sox. He has also done his fair share of community work in Chicago and has the attitude fit for the city.

Yet, he is a kid. He is the same age as Randy Johnson, who is still a winning pitcher in the major leagues.

Can you believe that? The sadder fact is though Randy is still a player, he is more mature than Ozzie Guillen.

He will never mature though, being the one who speaks out is also his way for sticking up for his players. He seems to connect with them, and as his knowledge grows that will only continue.

He might be nutty, and even needs to shut up sometimes, but he seems to be one good coach, just as long hes not a Cubs coach...