Could Jeff Garcia Be The Next Jim Plunkett If Russell Fails?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIJune 27, 2009

  Jim Plunkett, the two-time Superbowl quarterback (XV , XVIII) who after 7 years of inconsistency put on a Silver and Black uniform and became an Oakland Raider legend. Could Jeff Garcia become the Plunkett of today should Russell fail? It appears that Jeff Garcia is in a similiar position as Jim Plunkett. 

   Jim Plunkett joined the Raiders in 1978. Plunkett was basically a backup QB and bench warmer for Dan Pastorini. Then in 1980, Dan Pastorini breaks his leg so enter our hero, Jim Plunkett. Jim lost this game but once he started his next game he was unstoppable. From the day Plunkett started games the Raiders rolled into history. 

   Consider that this was after 7 years of experience and on two separate teams. Jim Plunkett was drafted 1971 by the Boston Patriots. His career began out well until Grogan entered the scene. So in 1976 Jim gets traded to 49ers. He started the 49ers I believe 6-1 , but then lost the season 8-6, this wasnt going to work and in the 78 preseason Jim is released. Many people really felt that Plunketts career was over, except for a man we shall call Mr Raider.

 The Oakland Raiders picked up Plunkett, who was now a seasoned veteran with talent and experience that paid off for Mr. Raider in the long run.  Plunkett had his ups and downs. The guy was a Heisman winner and all he needed a great place to call home. Fortunately for us fans, it was in his home state, California.  

  Now we have Jeff Garcia. Jeff Garcia is also returning to his home state. Jeff is also a California son. Jeff Garcia comes from Gilroy, Ca. while Plunkett hails from San Jose, CA. Look that up on the map and you can see that they are definitely neighbors. Jeff Garcia also has 11 years experience. 

  Jeff Garcia was signed by the 49ers to backup Steve Young. Young gets hurt, in comes the hero Jeff Garcia and following season Garcia is running the show. Jeff Garcia  turns out 4,278 passing yards the following year. Yes, Garcia has an arm just as accurate as Plunkett.

    Garcia is released in 03 then picked up by the Browns , the Detroit Lions and the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2006, Garcia had a great season as he led the Eagles to a NFC East championship, but then poor games happen and was not resigned, so off to...

    Tampa Bay. Okay so he has been to a lot more teams than Plunkett. Fact is Jeff Garcia performs well at the start, I mean he gets hot, then for some reason which we all know ( hadn't come to the darkside yet :) he gets worse. This is very similiar to Jim Plunkett.  

   Jeff Garcia has already proven to me that he has skills should anything happens to Russell. I have seen him play enough that I am aware of his solid play with a lot of heart. The similiarities do exist, Jeff Garcia has the abilities and leadership to get the Raiders in the playoffs again. He has more than enough experience. He is one of the best backups in the NFL. He may have failed in SF but lets not forget so did Plunkett and look what a Silver and Black uniform did for Plunkett.

Hopefully we wont see Jeff Garcia leading the Raiders because this writer prefer Jamarcus Russell to have a huge year and silence the crowds. But the situation does exist and the similiarities are there.

At this point, JaMarcus Russell needs to be the athlete, leader and perform to his highest so we as Raiderfans can get some more wins and quite frankly, some good ole payback on the teams that give the Oakland Raiders no respect. Nuf said.