Chicago White Sox Fan Catches Flying Bat, Saves Baby from Harm

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There are two types of baseball fans: duckers and grabbers.

Eileen Depesa is a grabber, and her quick reflexes likely saved an infant from taking a bat to the head during Monday’s White Sox game.

Depesa was sitting in the stands near the left-field line when Tyler Flowers lost the handle on his bat and sent the article whipping toward her section.

It was no big deal for Depesa, however. The woman reached up and snagged the heavy, wooden missile with one hand. I repeat—she barehanded a flying baseball bat. Effortlessly.

Kamaya Thompson of crafted a GIF of the spectacular catch, which only becomes more impressive when you notice the baby Depesa protected by grabbing the bat. 

Depesa wasn’t allowed to keep the bat but said she was just happy the child wasn’t injured.

"I was more concerned with protecting the baby seated behind me," Depesa said.

The same cannot be said for her male companion, however. The man seated next to Depesa went into full air-raid-under-the-desk formation when the bat flew into the stands. He did everything but plug a finger in each ear. 

This is the difference between duckers and grabbers.

Where duckers look at a foul ball or flying bat and see their imminent demise, grabbers find glory (or a baseball to the incisors).

They are the vigilante heroes of the baseball world and the watchers on the wall. Anything coming their way is getting caught—for the good of the realm.

Congratulations and good work, Depesa. Let us know when your buddy comes out of his turtle shell. We’d like to have a word with him on duck-and-cover approach to fanship.

On the Twitters.

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