Brazil Football Team's Plane for 2014 World Cup Gets Awesome Graffiti Makeover

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterMay 27, 2014


Brazil's football team are going to be under incredible scrutiny during the World Cup on home soil, so they might as well start embracing it.

Their plane during the tournament is going to be anything but discrete:

os gemeos graffiti team brazil's plane for world cup travel: #graffiti

— remic (@remic) May 27, 2014

The exterior of the plane has been given a makeover by graffiti artists Os Gemeos—identical twin brothers from Sao Paolo. It features dozens of cartoon figures, according to Design Boom

Dozens of portraits, meant to represent the people of the Brazilian culture, are rendered in artists’ signature style: elongated faces, quirky outfits, colourful skin and animated expressions

They add that it took more than a week to paint and required 1,200 cans of spray paint. The result is quite something.

[Design Boom, via Copa do Mundo (Portuguese)]