Michael Gettys: Prospect Profile for San Diego Padres' 2nd-Round Pick

Mike Rosenbaum@GoldenSombreroMLB Prospects Lead WriterJune 5, 2014

Courtesy of PerfectGame.org

Player: Michael Gettys

Position: OF

DOB: 10/22/1995 (Age: 18)

Height/Weight: 6’2”, 220 pounds

Bats/Throws: R/R

School: Gainesville High School (Ga.)

College Commitment: Georgia 



If you like toolsy players with high ceilings, then Michael Gettys is your guy.

There might not be a more gifted athlete in the class than Gettys, who on any given night will showcase numerous plus tools either at the plate or on the mound. But while his speed, defense, arm strength and power are all universally praised, concerns about his hit-tool potential continue to dominate any conversation about Gettys’ future in the professional ranks.

However, the 18-year-old outfielder is coming off a solid senior campaign in which he batted .372 with seven doubles, nine home runs and 14 stolen bases in 28 games for Gainesville High School. It’s also worth noting that he struck out 15 times compared to six walks on the season, which leaves something to be desired from a player considered to have first-round potential.

While Gettys’ bat might cause some teams to steer clear of him early in the draft, there surely will be others that covet his athleticism and tools, and, more importantly, welcome the challenge of turning him into a consistent hitter.


Full Scouting Report

Note: Numerical scores are on the conventional 80-point scouting scale, with the current score first and projected score second.  

Hit: 35/45

Right-handed batter is loaded with quick-twitch muscles in his wrists and forearms; plus bat speed; bat path is inefficient, as he lets his hands stray from his body in order to pull the ball; still manages to keep barrel in the zone for a decent amount of time; high finish to his swing appears forced and unnatural and results in too much swing-and-miss; struggles to keep back weight and bat head against secondary pitches (especially breaking balls); needs to shorten up and make more consistent contact.


Power: 45/55

Getty’s swing is flat-out explosive when everything is on time and in sync; possesses tons of strength in 6’2”, 205-pound frame; above-average raw power potential; most of his pop comes to the pull side at the present; ball jumps off his bat when squared up; has more than enough raw pop to jump the yard in any big league park.


Speed: 70/70

Possesses legitimate plus-plus speed that plays on both sides of the ball; runs home-to-first in a shade over four seconds; already gets good jumps on the basepaths and has room to improve as a base stealer; 20-plus stolen-base potential at maturity.


Arm: 80/80

Elite arm strength has produced throws as high as 100 mph from the outfield and 94 mph heaters off the mound; potential weapon as a center fielder; gets excellent carry on his throws without sacrificing accuracy.


Defense: 65/65

Gifted defender in center field thanks to athleticism, speed and arm strength; projects to remain at the position for the long term; shows tremendous range and closing speed in all directions.



MLB Player Comparison: Drew Stubbs

Gettys’ game is similar to Drew Stubbs' in that they’re both exceptional athletes with loud tools and the ability to play a mean center field. Gettys also will have to prove he can hit to emerge as a standout everyday player in the major leagues, something Stubbs has struggled to do since reaching the major leagues.


Projection: Ceiling: All-Star center field/floor: fourth outfielder


Major Leagues ETA: 2018


Chances of Signing: 75 percent

Gettys is committed to the University of Georgia next season, but his overall potential as a five-tool center fielder makes him one of the more intriguing first-round options and should lead to him being selected earlier than expected.