SEC Best Overall Sports Conference; Texas Best Overall Sports Program.

Bryan FlynnAnalyst IJune 26, 2009

As fans, we love to argue about the best conference in a certain sport. I have to say that it changes from year-to-year who is dominate in certain sports. But the question is: Who has the best overall sports program.

I wanted to answer that question for everyone.

I decided to take the big D-1 (I refuse to use the new names after 30 years of calling it D-1 and D 1-AA) conferences and assign points to determine who had the best conference. More importantly was finding which school has the best overall sports program in the country.

This is not an opinion piece of writing. Every point given was for results on the field of play. There were only points given for results in completion.

The sports used for scoring were determined by all the conferences participation in them. The nine sports I settled on were played by all the conferences in the country. So sports such as wrestling, soccer, and lacrosse were not used for scoring.

The nine sports used are: Baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, indoor and outdoor track, swimming and diving, and tennis.

The following is how the scoring went for each sport.



Five points were given for advancing to play in a regional. Playing in a super regional was worth an extra point, for six points. Advancing to the College World Series was an extra point, for a total of seven points.

The teams facing off for the right to advance to the championship series was an extra point, for eight points. Making it to the championship series was worth nine total points, and winning the championship was worth 10 points.



Making the field of 64 was worth five points. Advancing to the round of 32 was worth six points, to the round of 16 was worth seven points.

The round of eight was worth eight points. Playing in the championship game was worth nine points, with the champion getting the full 10 points.


Making a bowl game was worth five points, and winning that game was worth six points. Making a BCS game was worth seven points, and winning that game was worth eight points. Making the National Championship game was worth nine points, with 10 points going to the champion.


Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track, and Swimming and Diving

Since in these sports you have to have a qualifying score to compete for the championship, only teams that made the NCAA Championship earned points. The top 10 teams earned points based on how they finished, using natural breaks in scoring as much as possible to determine the number of points each team received.



Each team that made a regional got five points. The teams that moved on the NCAA Championship earned six points. As it moved to a bracket format teams earned points as they advanced.


Same format as basketball.


Now that you know how the points were given, the winners are:

Best Conference: SEC 

Best overall sports program: Florida State.

Conferences and point totals below:

Notes: (Notre Dame was placed in the Big East for all sports, Western Kentucky was placed in the Sun Belt for all sports, and Army and Navy were placed in the Patriot league for all sports.)

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The Top 15 Universities are:


1. Texas: 58 Points

2. FSU: 57 Points

3. LSU: 55 Points

4. Florida: 54 Points

4. Texas A&M: 54 Points

6. USC: 47 Points

7. Minnesota: 46 Points

8. Alabama: 45 Points

9. California: 44 Points

10. Arizona: 43 Points

10. Georgia: 43 Points

10. North Carolina: 43 Points

13. Ohio State: 42 Points

13. Virginia: 42 Points

13. Stanford: 42 Points

Enjoy and discuss, and see how well your team did in the 2008-2009 year in college sports.