Super Se7en: Is Cristiano Ronaldo A United Legend?

Jonathon DuffyContributor IJune 26, 2009

MOSCOW - MAY 21:  Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United poses with the trophy following his team's victory during the UEFA Champions League Final match between Manchester United and Chelsea at the Luzhniki Stadium on May 21, 2008 in Moscow, Russia.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Other than hundreds of Man Bag and hair grease manufacturers, Manchester has lost it's very own "Special One."

We all know what he has done in his six seasons at Manchester United, but is he a United legend?

Now "legend" is a big word. It doesn't apply to anyone. The term gets thrown about on a daily basis in the football world.

But I'm talking about the real legends.

Men who not only were great players, but will be remembered for the next 50 years!

Bobby Charlton, George Best and Dennis Law. These were players who were in their prime mostly in the 1960s. But they are still well known, not just around Manchester United, but around Britain and the world.

Most British football fans would recognise Bobby Charlton or Dennis Law walking around the street today, despite looking 50 years older! Even many young fans would notice them.

Sir Matt Busby's name is still mentioned quite often in the media. The young Duncan Edwards, who sadly died in the Munich Air Crash, never got to become the great player he was destined to be. But, he is still a United legend, and well known to many football fans as the player that could have had it all.

Brian Robson, Eric Cantona, Peter Schmeichel and David Beckham are some of the latest list of former United players who reached "legendary" status.

These players all played a lot longer than six seasons. And considering Ronaldo was a shadow of what he is today in his first two or three years at Man United, he has done pretty well to be considered a United legend.

No doubt he will be a legend in football. But will he be best remembered as a Real Madrid player or a Manchester United player?

He won three league titles, two league cups, an FA Cup and he's been in the Champions League Final twice, winning it in 2008 after scoring United's first goal.

And don't forget he was named FIFA World Player of the Year and won the Ballon d'Or.

And he's made the back pages of the papers, as well as the front page, fashion section, financial section and just about any other part of a daily newspaper!

He was a true Global Superstar at Man U, a pin up and an icon, not to forget that he may be the most talented individual in their history—or at least George Best's equal for those long time fans.


My verdict: He is a Man United legend great, but not an All Time Legend!

That's something no one can achieve in six years. Wayne Rooney will be the next on that list, after Giggs, I am sure.

He will always be remembered for his time at Old Trafford.

And he is the only man that could ever become more famous in their No. 7 shirt than his predecessor, David Beckham.


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