Minnesota Timberwolves Can't Get It Right

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Minnesota Timberwolves Can't Get It Right
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Can someone explain what the Timberwolves were doing last night in the NBA Draft? 

They had four 1st round picks.  I thought this was the time they could restock their lineup with young stars and be ready to make a run a few years down the road. 

After making a trade with Washington, Minnesota owned the fifth, sixth, 18th, and 28th picks.  

From what was discussed before the draft, they wanted to move up into the top three or four to take Ricky Rubio, the point guard from Spain.  

Things started out perfectly as Thabeet went two.  Then James Harden three.  Then Tyreke Evans went four.  

The guy they wanted slide to them at five and everything was set up for an amazing draft.  Rubio has potential to be the best player in this draft.  This amazing playmaker abilities and passing skills second to none have scouts thinking that he could be like something we have never seen before.

 He doesn't shoot the ball very well and is not as athletic as some of the other NBA point guards though.  Ricky is 6'5", but needs to put on some weight to battle in the NBA.  But overall, love the pick for them.

Pick number six was used on POINT GUARD Johnny Flynn from Syracuse.  

Minnesota, you realize this isn't fantasy basketball.  You can't use Flynn at the guard spot.  

I just don't understand this pick.  I think Flynn is a great point guard prospect, but not on a team that just drafted a point guard prospect.  He, like Rubio, doesn't shoot great.  He's more of a scorer than Rubio, but does so by controlling the ball and getting to the rim.  He is a great passer and has great court vision, like Rubio.  Standing 6'1" and lacking a consistant outside shot, he really can't play shooting guard.

So on a team that lacks so many things, Minnesota plans to play with two point guards on the floor.  Not just point guards, but pure point guard.  Rubio is a great talent and needs to ball in his hands to do what he does.  He isn't used to playing off the ball and that doesn't let him do what he does best.  Flynn needs to ball to create plays for himself or others.  I don't see how they can play on the floor together like the T'Wolves believe they can.

Also, which one of them can guard shooting guards?  Especially the premier ones.  Rubio has decent height, but is very lean and is not near as athletic as those guys.  Flynn is too short to defend guys half a foot taller than him, like many shooting guards are.

Minnesota is saying that they won't trade one of these point guards, but I don't see how they can play together.

Minnesota is still searching for a coach and I don't see how this is going to help.  Sure they added a lot of talent, but as many of the broadcasters explained last night, this is the recipe of getting a coach fired.  I don't see how a coach can be successful with a team like this.  We all know coaches are judge by wins and losses and this is going to be a major headache for the future head coach.

Sure Flynn and Rubio could split time at the point, but is that what you are using the fifth and sixth picks of the draft on?  I don't think so.  You need to get players who can be future all-stars in this league.

Later on, Minnesota traded pick 18 (Ty Lawson) to Denver for a 2010 first round pick.  Decent move if there wasn't anyone there they liked.  This was a weak draft in overall talent and next years could possibly be better.  Late in the first round, they took Wayne Ellington at pick 28.  I like this pick.  

Good shooter who can play shooting guard.  You know what you are getting from him.  He might never be a star, but he can shoot from midrange and three.  In the second round, they took Henk Norel as a long-term power forward prospect.

I like the talent they got and each pick by itself, but drafting two pure point guards and saying they will play together doesn't make any sense.  A trade has to be coming....right?

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