NBA Players React to Schocking 2014 NBA Draft Lottery

Jim CavanContributor IMay 20, 2014

AP Images

Well, how about that.

For the second straight year, the Cleveland Cavaliers walked away from the NBA draft lottery with the No. 1 pick—this despite entering the night with a scant 1.7 percent chance of taking the top prize.

The Milwaukee Bucks, who boasted a lottery-high 25.1 percent shot, wound up with the No. 2 pick, while the Philadelphia 76ers walked away with No. 3

You can read how the rest of the lottery shook out here.

Right now, we're going to scope out what some NBA players—future top-pick teammates and notable All-Stars included—had to say about the night's proceedings.

Get your popcorn and steak sauce, folks. This is gonna be fun.

Oh, Kyrie Irving. You have no idea. Unless, of course, you do. In which case, you did a terrible job of disguising it.

Fast-forward to the final envelope.

Uh oh.

Let's just say there were a lot of these tweets.

Including one from Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings, whose former team wound up No. 2.

To his credit, Jennings was quick with the conciliatory follow-up. A class move given his team got hosed and lost its first-round pick altogether.

Some, like Kendall Marshall of the Los Angeles Lakers—who ended up with the No. 7 pick—were slightly more blunt. And also probably overly paranoid.

Little known fact: Despite having only a 1.7 percent chance of winning on the last number, DeMarcus Cousins took home the Sacramento Bingo Championship the other night.

Of course you did, Patrick Paterson. You're a wizard.

Like Iriving, Austin Rivers is a former Duke standout. That warrants some friendly ribbing. 

Outright exasperation wasn't uncommon.

Neither was straight-up comedy.

Yes, Kevin Saraphin, you're right. A 35-win Dream Team.

We certainly admired Ty Lawson's honesty.

Although not as much as Dahntay Jones'.