Thunder Bay Mayor Loses Bet, Gets Montreal Canadiens Tattoo on Head

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMay 20, 2014

Twitter: @LeithDunick

Keith Hobbs will have some explaining to do in town hall Tuesday. 

The mayor of Thunder Bay, Ontario recently lost an NHL playoffs bet with a local sports radio personality in fantastic fashion. As a result, Hobbs is having a giant Montreal Canadiens logo “tattooed” on the side of his head.

Thunder Bay Source editor Leith Dunick stood by Tuesday morning as the mayor—a Bruins fan—sat down for the inscription of a Habs “C.”

The tattoo came in stages.

Nearly there!

Rest easy, Thunder Bay residents. Your mayor might’ve lost a bet, but he didn’t make some Biden-esque blood pact pledging to forever wear the Montreal Canadiens logo if the Bruins lost. Dunick says the tattoo is a temporary airbrush marking.

Yep, Hobbs will be rolling on smudged pillowcases for a week or so, but he won’t have to live in Habs shame forever.

As for the Canadiens, maybe they’ll derive some strange, good juju from this tattoo. Montreal currently trails the New York Rangers 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Final and looks like a prime candidate for a clean sweep at the moment.

Perhaps the irony of Hobbs’ Habs tattoo will generate enough cosmic force to swing things in their favor. If not, the mayor will at least know his Bruins have been avenged.


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