MLB Rumor Wire: Early Season Whispers

Andrew KneelandSenior Writer IApril 30, 2008

Now that the baseball season is in full swing, let's take a look at some of the hottest rumors floating around the league.

Barry Bonds 

As everyone knows, Bonds is currently jobless. He is sitting by the telephone, waiting for 'that' call. Jim Leyland and the Detroit Tigers may be the ones to make it soon.

Current Tigers DH, Gary Sheffield, is struggling with timing, according to Jim Leyland. Bonds would be the perfect fit in Detroit if Sheffield continued to struggle.

Leyland managed Bonds during his tenure in Pittsburgh, and grew to have a great respect for his ability and skills.

This is all speculation, however, as no official word has come out of the Detroit organization.

Jorge De Le Rosa 

De La Rosa was officially traded to the Rockies today, completing an off-season trade that involved Ramon Ramirez and a 'play to be named' from the Royals. De La Rosa is now that player. 

The left-handed was 1-0 with an 1.64 ERA in three starts with the Royals. 

De La Rosa takes over for Franklin Morales, who was recently demoted to AAA Colorado Springs because of command problems. De La Rosa's first start is scheduled for Saturday.

Joe Torre 

Torre isn't going anywhere, according to the Los Angeles Times. After his three-year managerial contract is up, Torre said that he is interested in moving to the Los Angeles Dodgers front office.

It was rumored that Torre's move to the west coast was only temporary, but now Torre is hinting that he may finish his career in Los Angeles.

Xavier Nady 

With the recent sweeping of the New York Met's farm system thanks to the Johan Santana trade, the Met's are in need of an outfielder.

Pittsburgh's Nady might just fit the bill. Carlos Delgado is struggling "mightily" and the fact that Nady can also play first base makes Nady's services all the more valuable.

There is no word yet on what the Mets would be willing to give up for Nady.