The Doctor Is in: Let's Save Raw!

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IJune 25, 2009

Hey everybody, it's Joe D and I am back again after another brief absence. I am back and hopefully better than ever.

This is my new series "The Doctor Is in" where I look at wrestling shows, pay-per-views, wrestlers themselves, storylines, etc and attempt to provide ways to make the subject in question better.

My very first patient is Monday Night Raw. The show has been quite frankly horrible the last few weeks and it's time for a few drastic changes.

Now, before I begin the debut version of my new article, "The Doctor Is in" I would first like to announce that The List Shop is dead. There are already too many lists out there for me to continue the brief series, so I will just chalk that death up to writers block.

Now on to the show. Being the good doctor that I am I will now subscribe five cures that I think will help the show get a jolt of adrenaline.

Really aren't we all tired of seeing the same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN?!

Let's get this autopsy started.


1. Bring Back Shawn Michaels ASAP

I know Shawn is taking some time off but literally the second he says he's ready to come back get him on the screen IMMEDIATELY.

Now don't get me wrong, Shawn is only one man and cannot save the show all by himself. But he would be a huge asset if used correctly.

Sure matches with Triple H, Randy Orton, and Cena have been done before but unless I am blind there are plenty of men I see in the midcard who could have phenomenal feuds with HBK.

Men like Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy The Miz, MVP, The Brian Kendrick (if he EVER gets out of the doghouse) and both Legacy Members (more specifically Ted DiBiase) could benefit enormously from such encounters with the Heartbreak Kid.

Yes, Shawn Michaels could be just the jolt WWE needs to bolster Raw. Hopefully he will be back sooner rather than later.


2. Elevate, Elevate, ELEVATE!

Speaking of guys like MVP and Matt Hardy, where the hell are they? I love what WWE is doing with The Miz, but it's time that they look at the other guys on the roster as well.

MVP is a face but gets mediocre pops. Hardy, off the heels of a great heel turn, is in midcard purgatory. Kendrick is MIA. And so on and so on. Why? What has WWE done lately to make us care about them.?

What? Nothing you say? That would be correct.

It's time that changed. There is too much talent for WWE not to start giving these guys some serious pushes. Ted DiBiase, MVP, and Kofi Kingston especially have been hot this year.

Kofi Kingston has been on fire both in the ring and in attempting to build a personality.

MVP has really started to find his grove again and has been consistent for the last few months.

Ted DiBiase had stellar performances against Carlito and Batista and great performances on the mic and then fell off the earth again.

WWE needs to give their midcard guys some feuds that matter and fast. I would love to see a summer of feuds that looked something like this. Cena/Miz, Legacy/Hart Dynasty/Colons, Orton/MVP, Michaels/Kendrick, Kingston/Show, and Trips/Hardy.

Now that's entertainment. All feuds that could be entertaining and the best part is that none of them have ever been done before (at least to length because Cena and Miz is underway currently).


3. Unify the Womens Division

Following the draft, I was actually excited about the women's division. With a handful of good female wrestlers on both brand (Phoenix, Mickie, & Maryse for Raw/Melina, Gail Kim, & McCool for Smackdown)I thought WWE would finally take womes wrestling seriously.

As always I was woefully mistaken. Though the writers seem to have suddenly remembered their females with the recent Mickie/Maryse and Melina/McCool feuds they are to little to save a division thats been treated like a joke for months.

The only way to save both divisions is by unifying the divisions.

Not only does this open up avenues for new and exciting potential matchups (Kim vs. Phoenix anyone?) but it could effectively open room for WWE trim the fat (bye Jillian)

This would be a great benefit for Raw and Smackdown because it provides them with more variety in their midcard. Some Raw needs more than Smackdown though.

Oh and maybe Natalya can actually compete again!


4. Hey Vince, Swallow you Pride and Hire a New Face (or maybe old) of Raw

For months, WWE keeps seemingly promising some drastic new face of management for Raw. Teases for new general managers have been rampant, but every time WWE seems poised to deliver, they fail. Miserably.

Danolad Trump as manager for a week?! F****ng stupid, don't you think?

It's time McMahon swallowed his pride and allowed somebody the WWE fans actually cared about to step us as new management of Raw.

Maybe Flair. The only problem is that could be too predictable.

Stone Cold would be a great choice, but he doesn't seem to have any interest.

I'm thinking more along the lines of a Paul Heyman or an Eric Bischoff.

Now some people may hate that idea, but you have to admit it would be different and would beat the hell out of Mike Adamle. They are both great authority figures and could proved some unique twists and ideas.

Or maybe Vince can appoint someone we have always wanted as Raw GM and never got. Shane McMahon.

Of course, this would all call for McMahon to release some of his creative chokehold, which would probably cause him to pull out what little hair he has left.

But it would definitely benefit the backstage morale and product to have someone else call the shots who isn't named McMahon or Triple H.

Whatever the case Vince needs to appoint someone to the head of Raw that would get people talking. And he needs to do it soon. Because Vince as the boss is now as stale as it gets.



This is gonna be short and sweet. And it's gonna be in the form of a letter.

Dear Vince,

We the WWE universe would rather not see the EXACT SAME recap video 18 F"ING TIMES during the same broadcast.

We also enjoy some comedy but Santino Marella and Goldswoggle should not be taking up 30 F'ING MINUTES of broadcast time.

If you can no longer provide people with matches that matter and last longer than three minutes because your too busy making yourself laugh people will stop watching your show.

As has already been happening.

In addition I may be forced to stalk and torment you from now on until you remedy this situation.

Yours Truly,

Joe D.


So there you have it ladies and gentleman five things Vince and the WWE could do to improve Raw. Five things that should and need to be done SOON.

Of course, these things probably won't happen, which is a damn shame, because it's time Vince started trusting the fans and the younger wrestlers.

Vince McMahon may never admit it but his company is at a crossroads. He could either continue depending on his his stars to drag him along at a limp.

Or he could take a risk like he did 11 years ago and start looking for ways to change the face of the company.

One will bring short term gain but ultimately cause the downfall off the WWE empire.

The other may not bear fruit immediately but may harvest bountifully in the future. Good things do come to those who work and wait.

And Raw is still the flagship show. So if any show is going to be the spearhead of change for the company it will be the A show.

Pay attention Vince I'm talking about your company's future here.

Well that's it for my debut article of The Doctor Is In series. i will be back soon with a followup and the fate of my other series The Opinion Desk which is up in the air.

See ya


~Joe D


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