Dallas Cowboys': Depth, Misunderstood At Wide Receiver

Martin LongCorrespondent IJune 25, 2009

ST. LOUIS - OCTOBER 19:  Newly acquired wide receiver Roy E. Williams #11 of the Dallas Cowboys looks on from the bench area during the NFL game against the St. Louis Rams at Edward Jones Dome on October 19, 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Rams defeated the Cowboys 34-14.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Once Terrell Owens was released earlier this year fans and journalists alike began to question the depth of the Dallas cowboys receiving core.

When really depth isn’t the problem for the Dallas receiving core, it’s more the uncertainty of this situation where players aren’t locked into positions and it’s making supporters nervous.

The position that seems to be gaining the most attention is the number two receiver, this has be left vacant after Roy Williams moved to the number one as you all would know. Since this time there have been two candidates named in the running for this position and they are: Miles Austin an undrafted free agent from 2006 out of Monmouth and Patrick Crayton a 7th round 2004 draft choice from Northwestern Oklahoma State.


Miles Austin is a young (24) stereotypical outside receiver, he’s got the size 6’3” and the speed 4.47 forty. Austin would definitely be the number 2 if it hadn’t been for injuries hampering his development. His hands have improved a lot in the last year and if he can stay healthy, he will definitely give Crayton a run for his money.

Patrick Crayton is not as physically gifted as Austin (6’0” and 4.58 forty), but he has solid hands and is a reliable receiver and has had only one serious injury in his five years in the league.

Crayton has definitely proved he's an above average wide receiver and is a viable option for the number two spot but I believe he is far more effective in the slot and therefore the third option. It should really come down to if Austin can stay healthy enough to hold this job; if he can I believe the job will be his.

The Cowboys have been wise  in keeping a talented group of receivers on the roster and have got many other viable options at receiver, such as: Isiah Stanback, Sam Hurd, Mike Jefferson and Manuel Johnson. All which could prove to be good options in the passing game.

If all these other receivers can’t step up and play a role in the offense and Williams and Crayton are the only receivers Romo can rely on, I am still optimistic that the ‘Boys will be able to have an effective high powered offense.

With Jason Witten arguably the best tight end in the NFL, Felix Jones coming out of the backfield that has good hands and great speed, which could help stretch the field, Martellus Bennett, the tight end from the second round of last years draft showed flashed of brilliance and the most recent reports suggest he could become a bigger part of the passing game and with the three headed running attack of Barber, Jones and Choice, who compliment each other with their individual skills.

With these offensive weapons I do not see it as a problem if any of the unproven receivers don’t break out this season, it would be a great help to the offense, but not essential to success.


Thanks and Go ‘Boys.