Time To Clean Out The Stains On The White Shirt

Joshua NekanContributor IJune 25, 2009

MADRID, SPAIN - MAY 24:  Arjen Robben of Real Madrid reacts during the La Liga match between Real Madrid and Mallorca at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on May 24, 2009 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)

Florentino Perez secured the Madrid hot seat in early June due to a lack of competition and with a promise for a revolutionized era at Madrid—much to the delight of the Bernabeu faithful.

So far so good just one month later, with Ronaldo and Kaka in the bag and most recently Raul Albiol. Finally, all those lads can finally shut their mouth about Madrid not buying defenders, and a world-class Spanish defender to boot.

With the recent acquisitions, Madrid's team is now an unimaginable 30-man strong. We've all heard about the so called black-list of players who are supposed to be on their way out: Drenthe, Robben, Heinze, and the other Dutch players. 

So far all I've heard is all talk, am yet to see any registered bids besides Drenthes impending loan deal to La Viola [Fiorentina]. I was excited to hear a new shaikh was taking over another premiership club, that can only mean one thing: lavish spending.

With a garage sale taking place at Real Madrid, I was hoping we'd be able to get decent prices for some players. My thoughts, however, are yet to come to fruition as Madrid is yet to sell a single soul.

To be quite honest, the buzz I expected in regards to the departure of some of the players has not lived up to the expectation. With funds becoming scant at the Bernabeu, it's imperative that they start shipping bodies out and fast. 

First on my list to be Fedex-ed out of the Spanish capital is Arjen Robben. No doubt whatsoever one of the best wingers in the world but also the most fragile. To think that ex-supremo Calderon paid €36 million for him after his well-documented injury horrors. Chelsea must have been chuckling behind Madrid's back.

I would have done the same thing with the winger costing them €24 million from PSV—they must have been delighted to get rid of him for such a hefty fee.

Robben must be the highest payed player when it comes to wage-to-games played ratio in the world considering he commands close to €90,000 per week. Gonzalo Higuaín whether you believe it or not, earns far less than that.

Bottom line is that Valdano has some work on his hands trying to salvage at least €30 of the €36 million spent on him. The biggest problem is that only a hand full of clubs can pay the proposed fee and his wages.

City are not interested, neither is Inter, United, Liverpool, or Chelsea.Wherever he goes, I hope he doesn't pull a Morientes on us. 

Next is poor old Rafael van der Vaart. I feel sorry for him, because his move to Madrid was always and only a scam. Mijatovic used this to cover up his incompetence in not landing Ronaldo.

My surprise was that he still decided to come despite Bernd Schuster sounding the warning bells that he wasn't necessarily needed. One year later, and van der Vaart has gone from one of the best attacking midfielders to an avid bench warmer.

At only €13 million and his stock still high, I doubt Madrid will have a hard time finding suitors for him. Good luck to him and hope he finds happiness.

Gabriel Heinze and Michel Salgado are complete no brainers. Heinzes' defending can be summed up in one word: disastrous. With that been said he has to leave, because he is also 31.

Salgado doesn't have the legs anymore so its bye bye to him as well. Javi Garcia is just not good enough either—if Granero was not good enough, and Garcia doesn't have half what Granero has, Garcia should be shipped out or loaned out to one of the new La Liga teams. Then he can get some playing time and we can really see what he's all about.  

This might be a shock to some of you out there, but I say Guti goes as well. Before I am eaten alive, let me defend myself.

I am a Madridsta heart and soul and am only thinking about whats best for the club, but his time is gone. Guti lately has been throwing one to many tantrums and creative passes—his moment of madness and receiving unnecessary red cards hampers the team and puts them under unnecessary pressure.

He has served Madrid well but I think he needs to call it quits with Ronaldo and Kaka in the squad. Their creativity is enough in the team. Remember everyone keeps screaming about the Cantera—if you all want to see players like Daniel Parejo play, someone else needs to be sacrificed. Hence the departure of our vice-captain Guti Hernandez Aitor Zaira.

Next on my hit list is Mahamadou Diarra. This case is more debatable, but the worse thing that happened to him last season was Juande Ramos signing his namesake, and for a cheaper price as well. Considering Lassana cost about €12 million less than him, it was not Mijatovic's best work.

Not only is Lass younger, but his passing and ball control is much better than Mahamadou's. He also settled in way too fast. I mean if Madrid could keep him that would be good, but I doubt he is ready to play second fiddle to his younger namesake.

The last thing Madrid need going into this new season is any disgruntled player, so it's best we let him go for the right price.

With that taken care of, I am left with Javier Saviola and Ruud van Nistelrooy. Saviola has to go if he ever wants to play again. I am sure he's calling his agent non-stop to find him a new club.

On the other hand, van Nistelrooy's departure depends on who and when Madrid lands as a new striker—be it Benzema, Villa or Ibrahimovic.

With the above players listed gone there should be space for a new signing or two. Perhaps with a little prayer or two we can also see some Cantera players. No one knows what the future holds after all this time last year we didn't know Kaka or Albiol will be signing. 


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