A Thank You Letter To The Denver Nuggets

Sean StancillSenior Writer IApril 30, 2008

What can I say about the Denver Nuggets?

A few words come to mind.

Attrocious, sorry, terrible, underachieving, and embarassing; the perfect adjectives.

In honor of their perfomance against the Lakers, I have written a thank you letter highlighting their players and coaching staff.

Thank you Allen Iverson for picking up four technical fouls in four playoff games, your immaturity always amazes me.


Thank you A.I. for living up to your past in the playoffs; an underachiever.


Thank you Carmelo for jumping on everyone’s back Saturday and then fouling out.


Thank you Carmelo for shooting 32-88 in the series.


Thank you Kenyon Martin for your effort on Kobe Bryant, for

crying on the bench and actually showing emotion.


Thank you Nuggets strength coach, Steve Hess, for not ordering Eduardo Najera to go on a high fiber diet.  Maybe that would have helped him keep up with Kobe.


Thank you J.R. Smith for your consistent temper tantrums and your well timed miscues.


Thanks George Karl for not playing Yakhouba Diawara, supposedly the team’s best defender.


Thank you Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke for not trading to get Ron Artest, throwing away your team's chances of success in the playoffs. 


Thank you Denver for giving me false hope that you could advance past the first round and stop the best player on their best team.


Finally, thank you to the entire Denver Nuggets team for making history by becoming the first 50 win team and get swept in the playoffs.


So thank you Denver, for making me look like a fool in the eyes of everyone.


By the way, I plan to do some serious soul searching this offseason.