Cavaliers Get Their Man Of Steel: Shaq Joins King James In Cleveland

Kyle Strittholt@Man0fSteel94Correspondent IJune 25, 2009

Wednesday night the Cavaliers sent Sasha Pavlovic and Ben Wallace to the Phoenix Suns. They also gave the Suns their second round pick as well as a half a million dollars.

It is obvious that the Cavaliers want to get to the Finals at any cost, and it looks like they will be the early favorites to go all the way this season.

If the Cavaliers can stay healthy all season I think that Shaq brings the potential of a seventy win season, as well as a NBA title along with it.

With the draft tonight it’s hard to see what the Cavs will pick, but I don’t think they could have chosen a better player for their team besides Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaq has proven he is a winner in this league, and he’s very rarely missed the playoffs. When you add that with another all-star, and the league MVP and this team will look invincible.

The question is who will get the most playing time between Shaq and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Big Z has been a very valuable part of this Cleveland team being with the Cavs the longest. Will they share time, or will they use Big Z as a power forward and rotate soon after.

The acquisition of Shaq opens up many doors for the Cavs, as well as insurance that they have a better shot against a team like the Magic this season.

The only player that could match Dwight Howard was an undersized Ben Wallace, but now they have a player that can handle a post game like that.

With Zydrunas and Shaq it opens up two really tall players with two separate styles of playing. Ilgauskas is more of the shooter, when Shaq will use his gigantic body to back you up and get the post-up field goal.

I think this team will be even better defensively with Shaq’s shot blocking ability added with the top defensive team in the NBA.

This also opens so many doors for LeBron James, because you have to pick your poison. Do you want to double LeBron who has been nearly unstoppable when he decides to drive it in, or double Shaq who will out power you one on one?

This is going to be a nightmare for teams with James being so multi-talented and having an even better supporting cast this season there is no reason why the Cavs shouldn’t get their ring this season.

The Lakers won with two great athletic centers, but the Cavs are having two monster centers averaging 7’2 in height, and a lot of years of experience. Not to mention an all-star at point guard (Mo Williams) and MVP in LeBron James.

I thought that the Lakers would have had the advantage over the Cavaliers this season because of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, but now I definitely think that the Cavs have the upper hand.

The media will have all kinds of fun if the Lakers and Cavs make it to the Finals. Shaq vs. Kobe and Kobe vs. LeBron I can already see the headlines.

The draft is tonight, but if this is the start of what’s to come this season in the NBA, I can’t wait until the season starts.