NFL Rumor Wire: Post-Draft Monotony?

Andrew KneelandSenior Writer IApril 30, 2008

This period after the NFL draft can be the dullest time in sports for die hard football fans. That is why I'm doing my part to make things more interesting by providing the latest, juiciest rumors from the NFL.

Lito Sheppard 

There were many rumors concerning Sheppard before and during the draft, but nothing came of them. Now, though, it is expected that Sheppard will be traded as soon as this coming weekend.

The Jaguars remain very interested in acquiring arguably the best man-to-man corner back in the NFL. Sheppard's agent, Lamont Smith, has had "lengthy" conversations with the Eagles regarding a possible trade.

Before the draft, the potential trade was reported to involve a package of 2009 picks. However, now the Eagles have two first-round picks and nine total picks in 2009 thanks to their deal with Carolina. Philadelphia is expected to demand a veteran in return for Sheppard now.

The St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were interested before the draft, but appear to be backing down as of late.

Dominic Rhodes

Rhodes was released by the Oakland Raiders on April 28th, and his old team, the Indianapolis Colts, are reportedly interested in re-acquiring him.

The Colts drafted running back Mike Hart in the sixth round this weekend, but John Clayton of ESPN reports that they may still be interested in bring the former Colt back.

Roy Williams 

Lion's President Matt Millen isn't taking just any offer for receiver Roy Williams.

Dallas, Philadelphia, and Washington are reportedly interested in the receiver, but have not made any serious offers yet.

Millen remains optimistic despite the sorry offers:

"In the world of trading, this is how it goes: 'Hey, you interested in moving Roy?' 'Yeah, we could. It depends.' 'OK, well, we'd give you a bologna sandwich.' It always starts with a bologna sandwich."

Albert Haynesworth

Despite not yet reaching a deal with the Tennessee Titans, Haynesworth is not sitting still. He has hired a personal trainer and is working out regularly.

The Pro Bowler Haynesworth said he feels ready for camp:

"Some of the new stuff I am doing with the trainer, I think I'll be better and stronger and more powerful than ever before. Different stuff I've never done, and I can notice after two, three weeks. I can already tell a difference.''

The defensive tackle is waiting until the July 15th deadline, when the Titans can no longer sign him to a long-term deal. If he reaches that date with no new contract, he will play under a one-year contract that cannot be extended or re-negotiated until the end of the season.