High School Pitcher Throws 194 Pitches in 14 Innings, Loves Every Pitch

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMay 15, 2014

via @DFosnacht5

With the number of major league pitchers who have needed Tommy John surgery in 2014, one high school coach finds himself the target of public criticism after he let one of his pitchers throw a lot of pitches in a game.

However, the player had no problem staying in.

Rochester High School (Wash.) baseball coach Jerry Striegel kept pitcher Dylan Fosnacht in for the first 14 innings of a 17-inning game.

When a pitcher throws that many innings, he is bound to put up some crazy numbers. Check out a few of the numbers Fosnacht posted:

That's right—he threw 194 pitches in one game. Most major league pitchers get yanked as they approach 120 pitches.

The fact that Fosnacht threw that many pitches makes it look like winning, not the long-term health of his player, is all that matters for Striegel. A coach can get a bit carried away when a pitcher is putting up zeros, and it's even tougher to take the player out when he wants to stay in.

Fosnacht had no problem with his coach leaving him in that long:

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price was impressed by Fosnacht, but the American League All-Star was outraged by the coach's decision to leave his pitcher in:


It looks like Fosnacht felt it was worth it. Rochester eventually pulled out a 1-0 victory in 17 innings.

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