AFC South

Drake EckCorrespondent IApril 30, 2008

The AFC Division is said to be the toughest division in the NFL...I don't know about that anymore..I mean Jaguars and Colts are possible Superbowl contenders but I don't think the Titans and Texans will be that great this year.

1. Indianapolis Colts-With their great offensive talent, the O-line they needed..... ..drafted, very good WRs, a good QB, good D-line, good defense, and 2 or maybe even 3 great HBs. I think the Colts will win the AFC South. Not easily though. I think the Jaguars will bring very good competition. I think the Jaguars will win at Jacksonville and I think the Colts will win in Indy..just barely. I think the Colts will win every game in their division except 1 or maybe 2, (if the jaguars can pull of 2 wins) but I do think the Colts will pull out of the AFC South #1.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars-Their "1 interception" very talent QB, good WR, great HBs, and the two upset wins over the Steelers (both at Pittsburgh) I think the Jaguars will place 2nd in the AFC South. They will be a very good team though. I think they will lose One to Three games in the AFC South (one if they don't lose to the Colts (but and upset happens) two if they lose to the Colts once (and an upset happens) and three if they lose to the Colts twice, and an upset happens. I think the Jaguars would be #1 but with their big lose in Marcus Stroud I don't think they will quiet pull it off

3. Tennessee Titans-I do not believe the Titans will do very good this year. I think Vince Young will have an off year and with no Pacman Jones anymore (yes I am very aware they made the playoffs without him last year...but I don't think they will be quiet as lucky) I don't think they will be the team they were last year. I think the Titans will lose 3 to 4 games in the AFC South this year and will not be a very successful team outside the AFC South either.

4. Houston Texans- I believe the Texans will have a pretty bad season. I mean not a great QB, not a great HB, pretty much a one man receiving core, and lost a great kick returner in Gerome Mathis. I said not a great QB not a great HB but you know what else...they aren't great really at any position. I think the Texans will lose 4 to 6 games in their division and do pitiful outside of the AFC South.