Understanding Brett Favre

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst IJune 25, 2009

I don’t know about you, but the seemingly endless Brett Favre saga is driving me nuts.

And if you think its bad where you are, try being a Vikings fan who lives in a Minnesota town that sits on the border with Wisconsin and is populated with a large percentage of green and gold cult members.

Not only do you get it in every RSS feed, every radio broadcast and every TV channel, but it is what everyone continues to talk about. SERENITY NOW!

But today—two days after coming out of fantasy blogging retirement—it hit me.  While thanking my good friend Sara at fflibrarian (psst…go subscribe because she is very good) the other day for welcoming me back and giving me some link love, I realized what Brett Favre must feel like this time of year.

Last year, during a long and very busy football season, I started to loath fantasy football.

The task of writing multiple blog posts per week, writing for a local newspaper, managing three teams, working full-time and trying to be a father of three and husband was, frankly, kicking my ass.

The amount of fantasy football information I was taking in was out of hand, and, to be honest, it didn’t really do me or my squads any good.

A classic case of paralysis by analysis (and to be honest, my teams did better when I knew less and trusted my gut and stuck to the basics…more on that in a future post).

I began questioning the importance of this whole fantasy football thing. I mean, people are losing the jobs, the government is slowly siphoning away our rights, our country men and women are getting shot at and killed daily combat.

Meanwhile, here I am bitching about losing a fantasy football matchup, while at the same time leading others down the same path. I had to step away.

Well now the dust has settled, I’ve had a little time away from almost everything NFL, and I have a new perspective.

Realizing again that too much of good thing just is not good at all, I am going to press on. I like doing it, and the 405 of you that stuck around, evidently like me doing it so I will do it.

I will continue to share my thoughts and pass along useful fantasy information. But I will just do it on a slightly smaller scale and will give each of you the opportunity to contribute as well.

As a reader of FantasyFootballGoat you are encouraged to comment every chance you get. And if you really feel the need, you could even do an entire post (shoot me an email if your interested).

After all, when it comes to opinions and fantasy football piece of mind, the more the merrier. I don’t care what all the other guru’s tell you, no one of us knows it all.

And if they do tell you they know it all, don’t be a sucker, turn around and run away as fast as you can.

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