World Cup 2010: Never Mind the Stereotypes, Who is South Africa?

tumang bokabaCorrespondent IJune 25, 2009

BLOEMFONTEIN, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 20:  A South African fan cheers during the FIFA Confederations Cup match between Spain and South Africa at the Free State stadium on June 19, 2009 in Bloemfontein, South Africa.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Now that the Confederations Cup is nearing its end, skeptics will once again rise, not to congratulate South Africa for a wonderful tournament, but rather to seek to point out minor hiccups that while evident nevertheless did not disrupt the hosting of a successful project.

I must admit that the reason for the article is to demystify and correct the myths, misinformation, lies and misdirection that seems to refuse to go away and remains the standard which my country is judged on.

Let me also state a disclaimer that before you rubbish the article for not being a sport article—it actually is. the "brouhaha" surrounding the steadfast antagonising of South Africa's chances to hosting the piece is not politics but sport related.

Ever since FIFA awarded the world cup to South Africa, a lot has been said and written on the subject. Undoubtedly while some of those have been true, most of the information have been information deliberately sent out to the world to mislead the world about South Africa's readiness to host the World Cup.

Now had the objections been totally confined to the issues of infrastructural capabilities and competencies to provide a flawless spectacle for the enjoyment of the millions, the naysayers arguments would have had merit.

Truth be told, the objections to FIFA awarding the rights to a "third world country" is the source of much discomfort for many Europeans and those afflicted with imperialists make-ups and only motivated by racist tendencies.

As a country, South Africa is no different from any that was subjected to minority rule in terms of its race relations. The difference here, is whereas the west expected the country to implode when Democracy was finally attained, the majority not only extended and still do the hand of reconciliation.

South Africa remains the most peaceful, politically progressive, liberal and economically stable country in Africa—No doubt a scenario that irks the imperialist.

The issue of crime that seems to be bone of contention for the western media is a thorny but a misguided attempt to fool the world and fuel the cups of gossip mongers and propaganda enthusiasts.

But I'll say this to actually deny the existence of the problem would be foolish and disingenuous. However no country can claim, moreso those that are aboard their high horses, to be safe havens from the scourge.

Race relations in South Africa is not exactly the pride of the nation, but we do pride ourselves in taking an active initiative to forge a future that recognise our past and acknowledge our present.

So when the Confederations Cup is done, I ask the fan to judge for themselves objectively on the readiness of South Africa to host the event. Knowing that when you do, you have invested bit of time in investigating our beautiful country.

Because one you do, you will know that South Africa has some of the most vibrant, unpretentious fans the world has ever seen.


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