This Silly Season, Kevin Harvick May Be the Biggest Name Available

Horn FanSenior Writer IJune 25, 2009

The speculation all stems from Kevin Harvick's contract being up this year and from a article that did back in January. 

One which I looked at, but just tucked away for a better day.

That day has come.

The article basically said that while Harvick doesn't know if or when Kevin Harvick Inc. would come to Cup, they are ready if the right time and/or right sponsor comes for their organization to make that step.

He further goes onto admit the time might be soon. With the down-turning economy, all the mergers with teams could leave the door open for a young team to step up just try to make races and establish themselves.

Well, what if that sponsor has already sat down and talked to the Harvicks about coming to Cup?

Since I'm writing this as a hunch, I won't reveal who I think this potential sponsor is, but they are currently are a sponsor with the team.

Let me mention here that my second article on B/R was about the Harvicks coming to Cup. A year later, it's a strong possibility that this could happen.

Since I'm not getting into the history of KHI, here's a link to that story.

While I have just been writing passionately about the trucks, the only time I venture away from that series of late is to write something related to KHI, and I caught something others may have missed.

Right now Happy can't catch a break. He can't buy any luck. I doubt we'll see him make the Chase.

Let's face it—he's been nothing but a disappointment in 2009.

I think KHI has become a distraction for him. Last year, he discovered the final piece to the puzzle the team lacked in Ernie Cope his crew chief.

The two clicked last year. They worked together, winning in the Trucks Series and had several great runs in Nationwide Series, but this year they have wins in both.

Also, his No. 33 crew has been used a couple of times pitting Carmichael's No. 4 in Truck races where they run with the Nationwide and Cup—almost like they were getting extra work under the watchful eye of Happy, who just happens to be sitting in the pit stall on the pit wagon.

Plus, with Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman driving the car, could they be giving the team feedback on the No. 33 crew's performance?

I have another theory that ties into this article.

Like I said before, maybe he and Delana were approached by a new sponsor as they realized they were getting business from NASCAR fans, one that realized they were getting a lot of fans being involved in a lower Series and got to thinking: What if we get into Cup as a sponsor?

We'll see them be affiliated with RCR, plus Childress will let them use the No. 33 and Bowyer will get the No. 29.

But on the other hand, something tells me we could just see Happy leave RCR to join Stewart-Haas Racing in 2010, which makes sense as he's good friends with both Stewart and Newman.

It's easy to see, since both drive a few select races for KHI—Newman even in the Truck Series.

It's a win-win deal for both teams.

Stewart-Haas Racing can use KHI to develop drivers in the Trucks and Nationwide Series and it gives them the option of thru an alliance to eventually bring the team to Cup.

After all, with Kelly Bires, Cale Gale, J.R. Fitzpatrick, and Ricky Carmichael, you know KHI is up to something stock piling talent.

I'm thinking come Chase time or sooner, we'll know exactly were Happy will be driving in 2010.

Will it be:

A. At RCR in the No. 29 Shell/Pennzoil (The sponsor is signed thru 2010)?

B. They'll bring KHI to Sprint Cup in the No. 33 Chevrolet (if I have the right sponsor, GM money won't be a issue)?

C. We'll see Happy move on to rejuvenate his career in the soon-to-be-announced third SHR car?

While I would love to see B happen, I haven't ruled out C.

No actual source was used for this article, other than a couple of comments from a six-month-old story from

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