A-Rod on 15 Day DL: Expect Longer

Michael EmreyContributor IMay 28, 2016

Alex Rodriguez is going to the DL for only the fifth time in his career. 

As quoted on espn.com, Brian Cashman said, "If it's a Grade 2, it's going to be at least the two weeks. . . ."  He was speaking of Rodriguez's grade 2 quad strain that occurred on Sunday, April 20 at Camden Yards. 

I was in the upper-deck of Camden Yards when A-Rod came up limp at first after sprinting out of the box, and the situation looked eerily similar to something I went through.  When I was a Freshman in college playing D III baseball, I sprinted out of the box on a routine ground ball and felt a tweak in my left quad.  I was out at first so I jogged back to the dugout and told my coach.  I knew something was wrong, so I did not return to the game, just like A-Rod. 

After getting my leg checked out by trainers and doctors, I was diagnosed with a grade 2 strain.  I had to go through physical therapy 5 days a week for over a month just to get back to 80%.  The worst part about the injury is that when you are not doing anything athletic, you cannot feel the injury.  It only becomes bothersome when you push off, i.e., change directions, sprint, jump, etc.  

I was not back to 100% for about 8 weeks.  Now, I understand that A-Rod and I do not have the same body type so we will heal differently from the same injury; however, I was in good shape, and playing baseball everyday. 

Going through the same injury as A-Rod, I can say that there is no way he will return in two weeks--not unless the Yankees organization wants to risk losing their franchise player for longer.  It is possible that he will be able to play at 80%, but I would not advise that.  Not when you have the best player in baseball locked up for 10 years.  The MLB season is 162 games long; let him rest and heal for 40 games or more--I think he needs it. 

In conclusion, I think A-Rod will miss up to two months with this grade 2 strained quad.  I will estimate a 6-8 week time frame for A-Rod's return.