WWE Payback 2014: Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at Event

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistMay 16, 2014

Credit: wwe.com

As movies with heroes such as Spider-Man and the X-Men set to heat up the cinematic world while the months also get warmer, so too do the good guys on the WWE talent roster lace up their boots to do battle with their villainous counterparts. And just as those superheroes wage war with villainous entities like the Green Goblin and Magneto, the WWE Universe is all too familiar with all of the brutal heels that are always trying to do bad things to their heroes.

However, allegiances are not always what they seem, and as the Payback pay per-view looms on the horizon, wrestling fans could be in for a few shocking plot twists involving some of the most established stars in the company.

At the forefront of the list of superstars that could likely change their allegiance, Cody Rhodes is the prime example.

Credit: wwe.com

In recent months, we have seen the former Intercontinental and tag team champion go on a lengthy losing streak, with him getting increasingly frustrated as time goes by.

Even his brother Goldust cannot seem to calm him down. As the losses pile up and his anger grows, Rhodes could be a powder keg just waiting to go off.

Similarly, Rhodes’ former tag team partner Damien Sandow is also a Superstar that is frustrated and livid at his current role, which he voiced a great deal of disapproval about this week on WWE Network exclusive programming during Raw.

Like Rhodes, Sandow has seen many losses pile up and his role diminished week to week. It truly was not that long ago that he held the Money in the Bank suitcase and nearly defeated John Cena for the World Heavyweight title in October but fell just short.

Credit: wwe.com

In more recent memory, he was the first person eliminated from the 2014 Royal Rumble and was recently featured in a quick storyline on Raw where he dressed up as Magneto to confront actor Hugh Jackman.

And with these types of events continually taking place, it seems as if a more prominent spot might soon be in store for Sandow.

Imagine if his rants began gaining some attention from fans, much like the speeches that former world champion CM Punk used to give. A groundswell of support from fans could cause the once pompous and condescending Sandow to become, well, just as pompous and condescending. However, the difference here would be that fans would cheer him as opposed to boo, causing this “Intellectual Savior” to save face by embracing the fans rather than showing outright disdain for them.

In any event, the frustration of both Rhodes and Sandow could make for drastic changes for both men.

But the switch is not limited just to the male performers in the company; there is at least one Diva who could easily make the leap from face to heel.

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Due to some issues arising from a recent episode of Total Divas, Natalya now seems to have some type of grudge toward other members of the cast, specifically Nikki Bella, who she was defeated by on Raw this week. After the finish of the bout, the Canadian beauty stampeded around the outside of the ring, ripped up cardboard signs that the other Divas were carrying and threw a tantrum the likes of which have not been seen in a while from a WWE Superstar.

And while other Divas, like Alicia Fox, seem to be frustrated with a lack of wins, or even a lesser spot on an event, it seems as if Natalya is simply holding a grudge because she is being disrespected by her counterparts.  

While we are on the subject of disrespect, that topic might be the reason why we finally see one of the most eagerly anticipated heel turns in professional wrestling history.

For nearly his entire career, John Cena has fought the good fight and saved the WWE Universe from any real harm at the hands of all of the heinous villains that dare to challenge him.

But in his quest to continue the trend, Cena has run into a roadblock known as Bray Wyatt.

For unknown reasons, the WWE Universe has truly embraced the mysterious Wyatt Family, and now many people cheer for the trio as opposed to booing them, reserving their hatred for Cena, who has tasked himself with stopping the spread of their message, whatever it may be.

As bewildering as the cheers for the Wyatts seemingly are, more curious is that Cena has begun to treat fans like they are crazy and somehow plotting against him. When fans voted weeks ago to place Cena into a 3-on-1 Handicap match with the entire Wyatt Family, he seemed shocked, confused and even betrayed.

Credit: wwe.com

After all, a hero is only as good as his admirers truly think that he is.

But if the weeks continue to go by, and the fans continue to throw their support behind the fresh and hungry Wyatts as opposed to their proven commodity Cena, could it be much longer before we see Cena’s heart continue to blacken?

And with that, could we see the man who always preached about the virtues in life revolving around hard work and dedication become a more cynical, and self-centered commodity?

Why not? This all happened before to a man with whom Cena is constantly compared, Hulk Hogan.

So whatcha gonna do, brothers, if John Cena begins running wild for someone other than the fans?