UFC Unleashes Din Thomas, Roger Huerta, and Anderson Silva, Sat. PPV

Margus LCorrespondent IJune 25, 2009

This is another one of my articles to let the world know how great UFC is, and what a delight it is to have Dana White as the President of the premier MMA organization, which delivers free shows on Spike TV for the whole world to see. Did I say that all those fights below I saw free on Spike TV's UFC Unleashed? Tivo and DVR are MMA fan's best friends.

Din Thomas vs. Jeremy Stephens

Simply amazing fight by Din—this UFC veteran showed us an amazing arm-bar in this fight. Din Thomas' last fight was in the featherweight division on the March Badness Pay Per View, where he showed us a vicious knock-out via flying knee. I've been a fan since. Din Thomas' next fight: this Saturday on Ultimate Chaos MMA Pay Per View.

Roger Huerta vs. John Halverson

There was a little controversy in this fight, as Joe Rogan kept yelling about illegal knees by "El Matador." It clears in the final replay because the knee was to the shoulder of Halverson, which was completely legal. Huerta's next fight: Hollywood movie screen. Good news: Huerta is rumored to face Gray Maynard in September's UFC Fight Night Event and make a run for the BJ Penn's title!

Eric Schafer vs. Rob MacDonald

Eric Schafer is the man who sent Houston Alexander packing from UFC—this is "Ravishing Red's" earlier fight, which sent Rob MacDonald to sleep via arm triangle. Schafer's next fight: TBA

Stephan Bonnar vs. Mike Nickels

The Man best known for his The Ultimate Fighter One Finale fight with Forrest Griffin at his best—I picked Bonnar to win. Beautiful Gracie Jiu-jitsu demonstration—finish with rear naked choke. It's common, but very effective. Bonnar's next fight: UFC 100 against Mark Coleman.

Anderson Silva vs. Nate Marquardt

The year was 2007; and Silva spoke as good English back then as he does now. The difference is: Back then, nobody cared about his English, because he used to brutally knock-out anyone on his path. Silva's next fight: UFC 101 against Forrest Griffin.

Here you go: Five really good, and free, reasons why UFC is the best and we should all thank Dana White!

Since there is no UFC programming on Spike this weekend, we can all go ahead and get our MMA fix by watching the Ultimate Chaos MMA on PPV. Follow me on twitter for the full fight commentary.