Can Matt Schaub Lead the Houston Texans to the Playoffs?

Neal HowardCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2007

IconHouston Texans QB Matt Schaub has given fans reason to hope that their team might make the playoffs this year.

Houston Texans? Playoffs?

Usually, the only reason anyone mentions playoffs in Houston is to emphasize that the Texans have never been there.

In fact, the Texans have never even had a winning season.

So how can Schaub and head coach Gary Kubiak get such a lackluster franchise to a possible Wild Card appearance? 

Simple: Just keep playing the way they did against Kansas City.

Coach Kubiak is smart. He knows not to get his team jumpy—to take it slow by focusing on one week at a time.

Just how slow has he taken it?

Kubiak told loyal fans to wait when he bypassed Vince Young and Reggie Bush for Mario Williams. He told them things would get better when the Texans were 4-10 going into a game against the Colts—which they won.

Not only that, the Texans won again the next week against Cleveland to finish the season 6-10.

Remember, San Francisco took the same approach under Coach Mike Nolan—and now people say they should get to the playoffs if they hold up.

Kubiak did take some quick action this offseason, replacing the oft-injured Domanick Davis with veteran RB Ahman Green.

But the biggest hype surrounded the arrival of Schaub from the Atlanta Falcons.

So far, he hasn't disappointed, throwing for 225 yards and a touchdown in Week One.

Can Schaub be the leader of a franchise that's needed one for years?

Most certainly.

First, unlike predecessor David Carr, Schaub claims to have confidence in his offensive line—which might explain why he was sacked only twice on Sunday.

Second, Schaub has forged a connection with Pro Bowler Andre Johnson that should carry the team throughout the season. Johnson had seven receptions for 142 yards and a career-long 77-yard TD against the Chiefs.

If that isn't good, I don't know what is.

And don't forget the defense. Larry Johnson was held to only 43 yards, and Williams' efforts are starting to pay off.

Overall, the Texans have the talent and experience to get to the playoffs. The thing they need to work on is their attitude.

Kubiak is good a motivator...but there are still some people out there who're a bit shy to admit that they're Texans fans.