Miz & Morrison: Together Strong, But Alone Makes Them Even Stronger!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJune 25, 2009

When you first thought of the pairing of The Miz and John Morrison, the first thing that might have entered your mind was, "WWE wishes Miz and Morrison the best in all future endeavors."

But, fast forward to today and they have made a statement all on their own.

That statement is that they are not going anywhere and they are here to make a BANG!

Morrison had a little stint with umm, what's his name?

Damn, for real, what is his name? Wait while I search on Google.

Oh yeah, Joey Mercury.

They held the belts on a few occasions, but (in my own opinion) nothing really spectacular.

With Joey Mercury receiving that nice statement (WWE wishes Joey Mercury the best in all future endeavors), it was time for Morrison to become a lone wolf and make some noise in the land of extreme.

As everyone knows, Morrison went on to win the ECW Championship, and held the belt for a while.

But it wouldn't be long before Morrison lost the belt and once again built a new alliance that would make the Tag Team Division a little interesting again.

Miz was stuck and lost as a singles star; basically nothing for him to do. But with the teaming of Morrison and himself, tag team magic was bound to be made.

Miz and Morrison went on to capture the WWE Tag Team belts; after that, they went on to claim the World Tag Team titles.

The pairing brought interest to WWE's dying tag division, and with the announcement of the tag team unification title match at WrestleMania, there was no doubt that the Tag Team Division would transform back to the great days.

Fans would be shocked to find out that not only did the Colons walk out as champs, but that the match was not even broadcast.

That just showed what WWE thought of its Tag Team Division. I think most of you just flushed something similar.

We were set for an even bigger shock (or wait, not that big, but I will say about a three-star shock).

Miz and Morrison would end up being separated due to the WWE Draft. Not only did most of us (fans) think how bad the tag division would now be, but how long would each last before they received a pink slip?

Many felt Morrison could survive by himself, but the real question is, can The Miz?

Sure, Miz was displaying impressive improvements in the ring, but does he have the all around tools to go toe-to-toe with the high ranks of the WWE roster?

We would get a clue on the first Raw when the three brands were officially separated once again.

Miz came to Raw to make a statement, and he did that by taking on the kiddies' favorite superstar John Cena.

"What are you doing back there, Cena, looking for your next WWE film script? I gave it to the Rock; he ran out of toilet paper".

"You're something the WWE machine spews out for the little kiddies."

As Raw was lacking in action, this, and maybe a few other things, had to be the highlight of Raw.

Besides Orton, The Miz became the Raw staple for must-see TV because you were just waiting for what the former Real World star would say.

Now, Miz has his big chance this Sunday to take down one WWE biggest stars (Cena).

If Miz comes to impress, there should be no doubt that the future is looking up for Mr. Reality Check. Heck, maybe he will even enter the WWE Title picture one day.

We will just have to sit back and watch and see what the future has planned.

Now onto the Shawn Michaels of the group, John Morrison.

Why would I state something like that above?

Well, many fans felt that Morrison was the more talented of the two, and Mr. Janetty, Miz, would soon fall off the face of the wrestling world. But like the I stated above, the future is looking bright for the Miz, and Morrison's looks even brighter.

With awesome moves, charisma, and the looks that make the ladies say "damn," Morrison seems to be the total package.

Morrison is the only remaining winner to still be in the WWE active from the Tough Enough cast. Now, some may be asking what about Miz; well, Miz was runner-up to Daniel Puder.

(Who? Yeah, I forgot to go ahead and Google him also.)

Now, Morrison was figured to be a great asset for the blue brand, wait let me take that one step further, the new A brand, Smackdown.

But no one expected Mr. Morrison to do this great. After seeing the awesome matchup between Edge and himself, we knew Morrison was destined for the big time.

Although he has held a world title before, I have a feeling the second time around will be ten times better.

Although his former partner made a statement using words, Morrison made it by his actions.

Many say, "Well Morrison has no mic work." Well, who needs mic skills when you're that damn talented?

Okay, okay, you need some skills to make it to be a top star in Pro Wrestling. But has Morrison not taken that step?

I think so. I also expect more to come; heck, I wouldn't even hate to see Edge vs. Morrison part two.


These two standing alone makes them even stronger. Why?

Look at the things they have done.

Do you honestly think Miz would be a fan favorite to some if he was still teamed with Morrison? I don't think so. I don't even think WWE would let him even talk that much at that.

Morrison would definitely have not received this major push on Smackdown. Now that these two great talents are on their own, they now have time to grow and become some of WWE best talents.

You have to admit, without these two, especially Miz on Raw, it would be more boring. When these two enter, you know they will deliver.

Also, with the some of the main stars' time in the WWE coming to an end, it's time to build new talent. Morrison and, shockingly, the Miz are looking to fill some of those voids.

Hell, I will go ahead and state this claim right now, maybe one day we will see Miz vs. Morrison headline WrestleMania. Wait, maybe not just yet; let's see what happens (laughs).

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