My Take On OUR Padres For 2009

Gig SineniContributor IJune 24, 2009

OUR San Diego Padres.... What do we see for the rest of the year??

Ironically, I just returned from a week's vacation in San Diego!  My wife and I saw the Seattle series and the Oakland Fri night game in person.  Of course, I was disappointed with what I saw.  A number of things come to mind when I think of my SD baseball experience. 

1.  Unlike fans of most other teams, the Padres' fans are VERY laid back and don't seem to get angry when their team does poorly.  I cannot imagine a Phillies, Cardinals, Red Sox, Mets, Yankees, Cubs or White Sox fan smiling after a loss.... But they just don't get that upset in SD.  No matter, I'm still a Pads fan!

2.  The Pads are really not that far away from being a contender.... Assuming Jeff Moorad does not try and trade Peavy, Gonzo or Bell for financial reasons, the future looks pretty good!  But I am worried about Moorad's pockets and how much cash he is willing to spend.  The way I look at it, NO baseball owner should be in the game to make money.  If you don't love baseball and have a genuine desire to put a winning product on the field, do NOT buy a baseball team!  The fans deserve a committed owner.

3.  Is the SD discount alive and well??  Let me ask the question this way, if all things are equal, what city would a ballplayer rather play in?  Where would he rather live?  Why is Jake Peavy NOT moving his family???  If the ownership is really committed and not afraid to spend some cash, NO ONE will turn down a chance to play in San Diego!!  In my opinion, that's a built in advantage we are not using.  To lure free agents or keep the ones we want, all the Padres have to do is offer a fair price, be in the middle of baseball's 30 team payroll structure and success will come!  Again, WHO doesn't want to play in San Diego?? 

4.  I'm really torn about Headley and Kouzmanoff.  How long do we wait for Kouz to bust out or is he another Sean Burroughs??  My opinion; if he can't hit .290, knock in 90 runs and hit 30 home runs this year, he should be moved to another team and Headley should be handed the job.  In the meantime, stop screwing with Chase and LEAVE him in left field.  He needs to know he is the guy, pure and simple! 

5.  Kyle Banks??  Once we are done needing a DH, send him back to Portland so he can play everyday.  We have no room for him - THIS year.  Also - leave Gwynn and Hairston as the 2 other outfielders and as much as it pains me, RELEASE Brian Giles.  By the way, the other kid I really like is Drew Macias!!!  I'd love to see him play for an extended time.

6.  Petco Park, while truly beautiful, needs to be made SMALLER.  Isn't everyone tired of long fly ball outs and no offense?  Yawn, yawn.... I think it's a no brainer.  Does anyone else agree??  Does Jeff Moorad??

7.  The Padres TV announcers are terrible!!  Radio isn't that bad as Ted Leitner is OK and funny and Andy Masur is tolerable.  But the TV crew; Mark Grant and Mark Neely, has to go.  If anyone has a chance to listen to XM radio and/or watch the baseball package of games on TV, you will hear and see some marvelous talent.  Why does a great city like San Diego have such bad announcers?  It's not Topeka, Kansas, it's San Diego!!  Remember Dave Campbell?  Doesn't he still live in the area?  I'd make a call to him immediately!!

Well, how's this for a report?  Go Padres and thanks for the chance to tell everyone how I feel. 


Gig Sineni

Lake Mary, Florida