U.S.-Spain: Upset of the Decade

Jonathon DuffyContributor IJune 24, 2009

BLOEMFONTEIN, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 24:  Landon Donovan  #10 Benny Feilhaber#22 od USA celebrate with their bench players a goal by Clint Dempsey #8 of USA  of Spain looks on during the FIFA Confederations Cup Semi Final match between Spain and USA at the Free State stadium on June 24, 2009 in Bloemfontein, South Africa.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The United States of America have sensationally pulled off the biggest upset of the last decade in the football world after beating European champions Spain 2-0.

Jozy Altidore scored after 30 minutes. A perfect chip from Charlie Davies to his feet allowed Altidore to smash the ball straight at Iker Casillas, the Spanish goalkeeper, who made a rare mistake as the ball bounced off him and into the goal.

From that point forward, the U.S. fought for their lives, literally. As Spain pressed forward with wave after wave of attacks, the "best team in the world" could not get past the Americans—and Tim Howard.

In the second half, Spain gave everything they had against the U.S. Shot after shot was saved by Howard, cross after cross was cleared, and pass after pass was intercepted.

Despite looking very tired, the Americans bravely fought on with so much hard work and passion. They chased every loose ball, closed down every player, and jumped in front of every Spanish shot at goal.

It seemed like the U.S. were superheroes, as Spain amazingly couldn't score.

America had no energy to hit Spain on the counter, but Benny Feilhaber used every bit of energy left in him to run at the defenders in a rare attack, and he found Landon Donovan, who put the ball across the goal. It bounced off Gerard Pique's (Spain) heels, and it seemed like Sergio Ramos was going to clear it comfortably.

But Clint Dempsey appeared out of nowhere to shoot and score in a moment I could never describe. Ramos looked shocked and lost as the USA celebrated.

But Spain continued attacking, showing the most passion maybe ever seen in international football, and I am not exaggerating.

Americans have new idols to look up to. Their boys should have made the whole nation proud! It was truly unbelievable and exhausting!

Donovan was everywhere on the field, Dempsey never gave up, and Davies held the key to victory. The back four of Oguchi Onyewu, Jay DeMerit, Carlos Bocanegra, and Jonathan Spector would have put their lives on the line tonight just to win. Howard was the Man of the Match, making save after save after save.

He really was the best goalkeeper in the world tonight!

Well done America. Even if the U.S. team don't even have the energy to walk out onto the field in the Confederations Cup final on Sunday, they will always be remembered as the most dedicated, passionate, and brave soccer team in recent history!

What makes this so unbelievable is that Spain had been undefeated for nearly three years! They are the European champions, have the longest winning streak in international soccer history, and are the best team in the world, as well as favourites to win the World Cup next year—and in a way, they were outplayed.

This is what makes football "The Beautiful Game."