What Type Of Player The Raptors Can Expect to Get With Pick #9

micheal malcolmCorrespondent IJune 24, 2009

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Given that the Raptors have the 9th Pick in the Draft, I wanted to take a look at the type of player that the Raptors may potentially get. So let’s review the 18 years of the #9 Pick in the NBA draft

1990 – Willie Burton ( definitely better players were still available)

1991 – Stacey Augmon (defensive specialist, the previous Bruce Bowen)

1992 – Clarence Weatherspoon (brought his lunch-pail with him to Philly)

1993 – Rodney Rogers (a wasted talent, due to weight concerns)

1994 – Eric Montross (serviceable big man in small spurts)

1995 – Ed O’Bannon (poster child for college stardom at the time)

1996 – Samaki Walker (rugged big man, willing defender)

1997 – Tracy McGrady (one of the better picks out of this spot)

1998 – Dirk Nowitzki (MVP, All-Star, All-NBA, and the list keeps growing)

1999 – Shawn Marion (underrated star on those run and gun Phoenix teams)

2000 – Joel Przybilla ( rebounds, and hustles everywhere he goes)

2001 - Rodney White (another wasted talent, thought he was better than he was)

2002 – Amar’e Stoudemire (may never realize full potential as a player)

2003- Mike Sweetney (Ate himself out of the league)

2004 – Andre Iguodala (one of the most overpaid non-stars in the league)

2005 – Ike Diogu (hasn’t played enough, but he’s likely a ‘bust’)

2006 – Patrick O’Bryant (hasn’t learned the NBA game yet)

2007 – Joakim Noah (premier hustle player)

2008 – D.J Augustin (had an outstanding rookie season, M.J’s 1st good draft choice)

So based on 18 years of information, we can safely assess that the chances of getting a superstar are very low, our chances of getting an impact player increase slightly, a serviceable player even more, and a warm body excellent. In other words let us temper the hype until Minnesota picks their 2 consecutive picks (unless they trade up) and see who is available. The Raptors will likely get a good player in the Przybilla, Noah mode which would be great for a team lacking energy and players that take pride in their defense. Also do not discount a trade as teams like the Bulls (holding multiple picks) may look to trade up depending if a player they like is already there. As a side note: A trade to the Bulls for their two 1st round picks appears to be a great move for both teams. It appears the Bulls are high on Gerald Henderson (I have no clue why) and the Raptors…actually may be high on Earl Clark according to TSN reports, why not trade down and get the extra pick especially if you know that the other 5 teams don’t necessarily need him? BC I am anxiously waiting to see what you can do.